Facilitators – formalized roles

FACILITATION: SOME FORMALIZED ROLES, in order to make meetings more inclusive and efficient. Everybody should have attention in a group. Everyone should be seen and also see what’s going on with others. Ideally the roles rotate from meeting to meeting. For everybody to share responsibility and power. It’s also a way for everybody to learn to become sensitive to what’s going on in the whole group, not only focusing on a few.

Moves people to consensus. Supports the process of the meeting.

Minute taker:
Takes notes.
Pay attention: The written word controls society!
Two more persons to check and okay the notes after meetings.

Time Keeper:
Checks the time in use for agenda points and breaks. Warns when little time is left.
And for instance: 2 minute speaking turn in controversial meetings, with many participants.

Vibes Watcher:
Checks the mood of a group. If people look tired, suggest a break. Or have an emotional round, where people can let go of tension, by saying out loud how they’re feeling, if there’s some tension in the space (works in smaller groups).

Oppression Observer:

Checks that people aren’t made invisible, ridiculed and so on, during the meeting.
Should be the task of everybody.


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