Consensus culture

1 ) .. consensus ethos* (culture)

2 ) .. meeting structure

*ethos: the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution

1 ) .. consensus ethos* (culture)

The idea is to get past ego, and start thinking about what’s best for the group, and at the same time still care for all the individuals in it. In this culture it’s important to take in to consideration the feelings / emotions of everyone involved. The group is not only about physical actions. This culture is there to create more inclusion and therefor more emotional and practical involvement of everyone. The idea is to break with internalized invisible societal power structures, that tend to have a destructive effect on the creative drive / efficiency / loving, caring mood of groups.

2 ) .. meeting structure

So in order to break with the tyranny of informal structure – so people avoid repeating the habitual status games of everyday life – both the way of discussing and some of the roles people take during the meeting, are made formal in consensus culture.

and in general

meetings are not only about making consensus decisions

it’s also about having fun / talking about feelings / socializing

having discussions. debating, bringing out the issues that divide

and when consensus isn’t possible, agreeing on voting (or using some other method) instead


One Response

  1. as i just said
    consensus fragilise autonomous though
    and autonomous though fragilise most of the existing group’ s dynamics ..

    why do i get a meeting and chat page of links in this snap stuff when i click on no status quo and jewish?

    read you later brainstormer!!

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