by Milla

This is an email i sent to a list in june, 2007.

SUBJECT: Stop-cards ( for social centres, and other spaces )

I spent 2 weeks at the convergence center in Rostock,
Germany, before the G8 protest this year. The city of
Rostock had let an old school building, about to be
demolished, be used as a space for protesters to
come together [converge] before the summit.
[there’s a short trailer for the cc on this site,
with the results of the creative bike workshop that
was going on for quite some time]

It was an inspiring time, meeting many like-minded people,
making it easy to do creative and amazingly fast work together.

I spent some time trying to work on a structure against
sexism. A few women and men got a system with red stop-
cards going. The idea was to bring about awareness of the
problem with sexism, and also to invite people to intervene
directly in oppressive situations.

Red cards were hung in every room.
With text in English, German,
Russian, French and Spanish.



If someone is bothering you and you don’t know
how to make them stop, use the stop-card.

If you see someone else use the stop-card,
support them.

Make this a safe space for all.


STOP-Card Against Sexist Behaviour

The person showing you this card feels offended
by your behaviour/talking, and wants you to leave
her/him alone *now*, without discussion!

cc Rostock dealing with sexism

I don’t know if the cards were ever used. But i know
that i really liked the idea. And if there will ever be
a new social center in Helsinki, Finland – where i live –
i know i will try my best to get the same system going
there. I think it’s a beautiful way of showing solidarity,
and raising awareness around the issue.

We also had a women’s room at the school, where i
had nice get-togethers or sharing talks every evening at

In spite of being surrounded by the threat of police- or
nazi-raids and the place most likely being eavesdropped
on, i had a really good time there.

❤ milla
hmm. otherwise: falling apart, as usual.


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  1. […] the morning plenary for the people interested in doing some anti-sexist work in the place. We got Stop-Cards put all over the old school building we were in. To raise awareness of the fact that we are not […]

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