Statement signed by 19 women

+ one feminist of unspecified gender / sex

Date: 2008/10/15

IN FINNISH: tiedoksi, ryhmä helsingin squateilla toimivia feministejä on kirjoittanut tällaisen vastineen millan viesteihin. jos satutte olemaan jollain sähköpostilistalla, jolle milla on kirjoittanut näkemyksiään konfliktista/helsingin talonvaltaajista, voitte lähettää tämän vastineen sinne.

eräs feministi, joka lainasi tätä osoitetta välittääkseen viestin

TRANSLATION: for your information, a group of feminists functioning in the helsinki squatting scene have written this reply to milla’s messages, if you happen to be on a mailing list, where milla has written about her view of the conflict/ helsinki squatters, you can send this answer there.

a certain feminist, who used this address [the mailing list for the social centre] to pass this message on


We, feminists active in the Helsinki squatting movement, wish to comment certain accusations made by Milla in different emailing lists.

Lists should not function as justice courts in this conflict, and especially not against individuals. It’s not acceptable to do smear campaigns or forward private messages to emailing lists.

After Milla was banned from the socialcenter email list she had the chance to discuss the situation with people from the squat. People were still willing to do this and there were platforms to do so. Instead, Milla chose to escalate the conflict by calling international solidarity against the Helsinki squatting movement. This weakened many peoples trust in Milla.

The conflict between Milla and the squatting scene was tackled in a conflict resolution process that lasted for several months. During thisctime the conflict has been dealt with in several house meetings, the conflict resolution group, in one-to-one discussions and group discussions.

Despite this, Milla has continued to pressure people. Lately, Milla has started to severely harass individual people. We do not accept the intrusion of anyones privacy. People have the right to define their own limits. Everyone has to respect these limits.

In the squatting movement, as in any other social contexts, there are problems with power structures such as sexism. We also have occasionally witnessed negative attitudes towards feminism in squats. During the time Milla was included in the Helsinki squatting movement she often pronounced grounded criticism.

In our opinion the problem with Milla has not been that she speaks of sexism, but how she does it. We are tired of working with Milla as she judges, pressures, seeks faults in others and labels those with different viewpoints as sexists or having “anti-feminist statements”.

There are many kinds of feminisms and feminists. By labelling the squat as a thoroughly sexist space Milla claims ownership to feminism and overlooks the fact that there are also other feminists in Helsinki squats. During the years, many of us have organised feminist activities and tried to overcome sexism and power structures in the squatting movement. We plan to carry on with feminist activities in squats also in the future.



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