Political reflections on heteronormativity

Heteronormativity is a term used to refer to the institutionalization of heterosexuality in a society. Heteronormativity stems from the essentialist belief that there are only two sexes- male and female, and that a certain set of behaviours and expectations follow from one’s sex. It is a view of the world which constructs binaries: man/woman, gay/straight – and sets them in opposition to each other. Heterosexuality is taken to be the only natural and correct form of sexuality. It causes people to not only never question heterosexuality and gender roles, but to take them for granted. Heteronormativity is represented in societal attitudes, in the family, in institutions and the law, placing everything else in the uninhabitable zone.

Heteronormativity 1 – Confession

I was a bit out of it when getting into this personal / political subject. The quote from my friend was a bit more eloquent: “i want to tell you that i love you, in a of-course-i-love-you way. that’s somehow independent from what you do. so that even though you would do shit to me and i would hate you for it i would still love you also.”


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