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by Milla [she=he]

Milla - the radical feminist who got excluded

Milla - the radical feminist who got excluded

April 29, 2009..

This blog is the result of several desperate attempts to get the issue of hierarchies and the unjust sexist exclusion and repression of a radical feminist within a social centre project in Helsinki Finland discussed in a fair way.

It’s been a totally mad experience to go through, and I’ve written heaps of emails about it to a multitude of lists (finnish, european, international), and I’ve drank heaps of alcohol, and I’ve gone crazy. Currently I have a 2-year ban from the project, with no possibility to get it discussed during this time. But still I don’t know how to give in and give up, cause I truly honestly believe I have a right to speak and act and exist to the same extent as anybody else.

I have the right to be loved. I have a right to be seen – listened to – and cared for. I have a right to equal space to speak, think and act.

I have a right to be taken seriously. And if there’s no space to do it within the social centre project, I will at least have this space to speak without censorship and distortion – this is a space where my reality isn’t denied.

To get a background of the two main conflicts that I’m involved with at the moment – the exclusion of radical feminism from Social Centre Satama, officially starting with me getting kicked off a mailing list January 2008; and then, a year later on, going through a mini-version of the same process involving people loosely related to Morze Infoshop in Budapest Hungary – for an unprecise chronological overview of these two events, I advice you to click on the “Morze” and “Satama” tab on the top part of this blog.

On this blog you will find posts written by

Milla – a white heteronormative (and yet ‘bi’ – meaning biological sex is not determining my emotions of sexual interest, affection and love towards other persons) woman and radical feminist trying to figure out life and get the politics of dealing with internalized power-structures and hierarchies played out on an interpersonal level taken seriously – the personal is political. Currently living in Finland. Having a slight obsession with saving the scene.

Pre-Kaarina – Started writing on the blog in January 2009. Living in Finland. Hating Finland.

Daniel – Started writing on the blog while coming to Helsinki on a radical exchange December 2008 – January 2009, answering to a desperate call from Milla sent out to a european mailing list. [Warning: This Man Has Extremely Harmful Behaviors In Intimate Relations. This Man is not Responsible, not Reliable, not Safe in intimate relations, and will cause you harm. Read Everyday Male Chauvinism to find out more.]

[Pre Kaarina and Daniel have not been writing here for a long time, and have also been involved in conflicts with me. On January, 21, 2010 I changed the password for the blog and sent info to them about it. If they wish to continue writing – which i doubt – they need to get in touch about the new password.*]

Cunt Incognita – is the alter ego of Milla. A freewheeling cunt* on the road.

If you feel like making yourself heard, click on the “Forum” tab, and start a discussion, go on a random rant or write a poem. Express yourself!

*CUNT meaning the female genital organs which could lead the innocent mind to associations such as: warm, soft, moist, sometimes furry and perhaps even – friendly.

* For more information on these conflicts see a talk I had with Pre Kaarina, on feminism, and community support when it comes to sexist violence within intimate relations: Us talking about Daniel’s non-accountability


10 Responses

  1. I love all this that you are doing madly! In a time when the neo-liberal ideas is taking the shape of “queer theory” and the left wing is adopting uber right wing ideas about individual freedom instead of how to liberate us as a collective. This site, mostly read Milans stuff, is like pure medicin.
    Pornography and prostitution is always a tool for power in a patriarchy, in my opinion it dosent mater how its made, the idea of it is a product of patriarchal principels.
    Keep up the fantastic fight you are doing!

    anders (non heterosexual anarchist living in the west bank,Ramallah)

    • by Milla

      I would like to talk with you sometime. Are you interested? It would be nice to know more about your life, feelings, situation, the scene (and everything that makes life enjoyable).

  2. […] rajoilta videosiltakeskusteluja ja vapaamuotoisia luentoja Ivo Burokvics Marco Loechner Milla Ahola Hirvitalolla kello 18.00–21.00. Hirvikatu […]

  3. Hello Milla,

    I stand in solidarity with you.

    Let me know how I can be of support.

  4. I believe the intent was to portray the characters as what they would look like in real life in their exaggerated form. ,


    • Just to say thanks for your blog and good luck with your workshops. Solidarity from Greece against the petty authoritarians!

      MachoMan: A blog is more self-expression than spamming (did it come to you or did you look for it?) whereas trolling is trolling is trolling. We quake in awe of your cockness!

  6. […] gender” crap when the people I see talking about it are mostly people like this “white heteronormative (and yet bi) woman“. I’m a neutrois, that is my gender, it is my gender despite 16 years of being forced […]

  7. […] gender” crap when the people I see talking about it are mostly people like this “white heteronormative (and yet bi) woman“. I’m a neutrois, that is my gender, it is my gender despite 16 years of being forced […]

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