The property Anarchists seldom share

by Pre Kaarina

The property that Anarchists will not share is their network, knowledge of who has what and who can do stenciling, bike repair or whatever.  It makes people that have large networks wanted and powerful. Moreover,  let’s say there is a new comrade that knows someone that has a van and a known comrade with the same predicament, the group uses old comrade’s services thus reinforcing his network and power.

This is also called corruption.


There is a definite problem

by Pre-Kaarina

There is a definite problem of  male aggression and its quiet acceptance. It seems that some males are irritated by female self-assurance and empowerment. This is even so in the Social Center.

Let’s see, if I am Jane Doe, where I can verbalise my anxiety. In the Social Center I know that there are House Meetings. Jane Doe is a regular visitor in the house, so it has to be apparent that she has been told when the house meeting is held and what are the topics, right, RIGHT?!

Oh no, I’m sorry, I’m stupid, it must be announced in the Satama web page. Oops, there is none. How about Social Center discussion forum, where can I join it. There is none. I know there is an email list, everybody talks about it, but where can I join.

It seems that I could shove my opinion up my ass, they couldn’t care less. Actually the web page for the Social Center is as forbidding to discussion as the public web pages of Helsinki City offices and other state bureaucracies in a country that is notorious for the unwillingness of the authorities to debate with their underlings, yes, underlings.

I have been acting my usual way, as if there were no other rules as the house rules, which are not particularly prominently visible in the house anyway and during Ladyfest punk gig, public had no access to the area where the rules were pasted.

I therefore queeried the place to commemorate the international day against homophobia. No-one said a word against it. People are so nice at the Social Center that I wonder that they are being nice just around me.  Usually, people have been rude and nasty at me during my whole life, so this strategy gets me caught by surprize. Don’t mess with the ones that have an intimidating appearance, screw with the defenseless ones..

Rainbow flagRainbow flag

I participated in porn workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it. When cissexual women grow up, porn gives substantial amount of role models, but when a transsexual grows up, the whole language is about porn. Therefore porn is the easiest language for us to communicate, it links drama and costumes with body. It makes me think when and by whom were we made speechless to begin with.

Satama & porn – No, Sir, I won’t!

Prostitution as a means of acquiring cissexual privilege

by Pre-Kaarina

Prostitution can be empowering.  Trans-activists say that being read as a cissexual (that is, non trans) is 80% attitude and 20% of looks. So, how can you get more attitude. Many have turned to prostitution as a rite of passage. It means crossing over something that is considered proper, it is rebellion against norms, just like transsexuals by our mere presence are rebels.

Much of the condemnation of prostitution comes from the same source as the condemnation of transsexuals.

Does an Anarchist need a role model?

by Pre-Kaarina

I started to think about myself as a possible role model since I am turning 40 and thought whether Anarchists need role models. The conclusion was that Anarchist youth does not really need anyone adult to look up to.  However, what is the youth bombarded with today and did I have any role models growing up and how did that affect my self-esteem.

Pornography. I used to have an innocent view where pornography was in its assigned slot. I am still pro-sex in that way, pornography should be allowed only within certain confines, out of the reach of children and adolescents, after all, it is adult entertainment.  Adults differ from children in a way that we can tell facts from fantasy, at least most of us, at least most of the time.

The weltanschaaung of porn is spreading where it does not belong. Nowadays most of the spam I receive concern viagra pills and penis enlargements. That goes on to show that even males face pressure from pornographic image of  constant hard-ons without any regard to emotional factors, heterosexual males are not supposed to let emotional factors overrule anyhow. When that spam is delivered to women, it also assumes that we are heterosexual or if we are, we care about penis enlargement and hard-ons at will.

Pornographic pressures for women are self-evident, I do not need to elaborate on that. However, there are plenty of valid role-models for heteronormative cissexual youth still, masculine or feminine.

I grew up queer, though. My role-models, if I had any, were without fail from the porn industry. I became a prostitute because the Samis do reindeer husbandry and the Romany do divination, the choice was obvious and omnipresent. I did not even really question it. I must add that I do not see anything bad in my work as a prostitute and I do not feel a victim more than any other laborer.

What interests me is that the image of a queer transgender person was even officially made perverted.   Finland had the laws for sterilization and castration. Why two laws for essentially the same thing? The castration law was designed for sexual offenders and their chemical castration. The idea was naturally to suppress their sexual drive, not their ability to procreate that much. The law of sterilization was out there to suppress procreation, while leaving desire intact. After all, heterosexual desire is regarded as almost holy, while queer desire is regarded through pornography.

With transsexuals the outcome of sex-reassignment procedure is sterility, while there is no need to suppress sex-drive of any transsexual. Which law do you think  was applied to transsexuals. 1969 the last sexual offender was voluntarily castrated, after that everyone that went through the castration board proceedings was transsexual, up until 2002 when the law was repealed by the unanimous decision of the parliament.

Transsexuals were equaled with pedophiles.

No wonder I got to hear in my school from one of my classmates’ parents a libel that went unpunishded that I surely would become a rapist. No doubt the school principal Aune Huotari and the school psychiatrist thought the same way.  During the parliamentary discussions paula Kokkonen raised concerns of transsexual patients being let in the same patient rooms with cissexual women, because she feared the women could be made vulnerable to rape. Still, in overcrowded Finnish hospitals, men and women are sometimes mixed in rooms. That does not raise anyones concerns over women’s safety. Of course not, cissexual heterosexual men are less potential rapists than pornographized queers!

I never became a rapist, I became a prostitute, according to some, prostitution equals being raped.  There was an interview in the Prostitute Support Center where I was asked if my prostitution was my own choice. I said it was. The interviewer was not happy with that answer, but furthered it with an additional one: “What other choices did you have?”, which I replied: “none”.  A wise celebrity has said: “When choices are absent, so is humanity”.

I do not know whether the rulings of the Castration board, hateful slander by Paula Kokkonen and others based on dire pornography or filmographic scum like “Dressed to Kill”, but their ignorance and abuse of authority restricted my growth as a responsible adult. they were verbal rapists and even when disguised as females they do not escape my verdict. I see such people as midgets of the mind. My hate is burning in flames against this country from hell!

So, does a young Anarchist need a role model? Is a 40-year old queer woman good enough to be one. I’ll leave it up to them to decide. Never, ever stop hating Finland.  Am I starting to sound preachy? Well, then it’s time for me to shut up.

Halla-aho, pseudointellectual for the unintelligent

by Pre-Kaarina

Jussi Halla-aho has became a martyr after being carelessly sued for his blog writings.  The people are rightfully enraged, although his blog is provocative, criminal it is not.  In particular people have been enraged about the fact that blasphemy was the other of the charges. It is double standard  when you can sink a crucifix in urine, but you cannot call Mohammed a pedophile.

When it seems that our political left is toothless in criticizing Halla-aho and arrogant in assuming people’s support for their scheming more commonly known from East Europe under Statist Communism, few people have been courageous enough to analyze Halla-aho.

He uses Latin frequently, giving him a halo as a true intellectual. Intellectuals are usually pretty distant and probably envied by usual Finns. Education is valued especially among the uneducated masses.

His bottom line is that all people are equal, while he describes himself as a representative of white heterosexual males, who, if not a majority, comprize a significant amount of people. Then, “equality” for a minority dominated in white heterosexual male environment means “equality” between predator and predated.  That has always meant the rule of the mob.

For practical questions about much everything Halla-aho is dodging responsibility. This Messiah is not ready to ride an ass to Jerusalem and get himself crucified.

Fantasizing of killing a homosexual that had sexually harassed him in his blog reveals that he has poor judgment for what he writes and anger-control issues. He would be a political disaster, so he steers away from getting his hands dirty in scandals.  I would hate to be in a world where white heterosexual males like him would form any majority.

Dr. Halla-aho would not thrive politically very long unless so allowed by the intellectual vacuum left by the political left and their assinine political courts.

Closet contract? The uninvited mediator

by Pre Kaarina

In 2007 Helsinki Pride procession Pink Black Block activists tore down the banner of ultraconservative Christians. Next year, Pink Black Block threatened with violence. However, Christian demonstrators were nowhere to be seen. The police had ordered them to stay clear of Kaivopuisto Park, where the procession ended. However, they harassed some participants of the Pride outside the park.

Although this arrangement was a great convenience for both of us, it was an infringement on the constitutional freedom of speech.

Later, in December there was to be arranged a Pink Lucia Procession to challenge the heterosexist and cissexist St Lucia celebration in Helsinki. The police told me in no uncertain terms to stay clear from the procession. I was holding the rainbow flag at the moment. We pulled it through, though, even though the police interference probably diminished our ranks remarkably. We had male St Lucias as a homosexual couple and I was holding the rainbow flag. The security ordered us to stay clear from the official St Lucia, but we got our point across in the full view of 20000-30000 people. The media, however, kept the whole issue under wraps and we were not shown in the national television even though all television channels were present and we were not in any newspapers.

Police infringed with our freedom of speech here.

I see that there is a police-enforced silent agreement of the queers not demonstrating in religious occasions and vice versa. As said, that might be convenient, but that is inhibiting real, potentially violent dialogue. It is like members of the family not talking with each other.

The police itself is not conversational. According to police, there is no homophobic violence in Finland, which is a blatant refusal to record it. The police does not see necessary for the queers in the police force to attend meetings of queer policemen in other countries. There seems to be a don’t ask, don’t tell-policy within the police force.

Also Heseta, the NGO-organization for sexual and gender minorities in Helsinki is not conversational, using police instead of discussion. The Pink Black Block threat with violence was hailed by a threat to contact the police by Heseta. Police has been a frequent visitor since Heseta’s funds were embezzled.

It seems that the only way to have a discussion in Finland is by threats and calling the police. This reminds me of the Czarist times where the public discussion was conducted by assassinating aristocrats who in turn executed innocent demonstrators.

Outside the temple are the dogs and the whores

My first impressions on Sompasaari

A car has been seen patrolling the area with a person taking photos of Sompasaari visitors.

A car has been seen patrolling the area with a person taking photos of Sompasaari visitors.

By Pre Kaarina

I went to Sompasaari to watch “69”. The renovations were still in process, so I unfairly judge unfinished job.  Even though there was a declaration of not having sex-designated jobs, women did things like mopping the premises and making food, while men took care of everything technical that was related in showing the movie.  Due to technical difficulties the movie was postponed a full hour. The food and the mopping were done in due time, though. I could not have escaped noticing a big graffiti of erect penis, which I thought looked offensive.

The movie was cast and within it a homosexual man said he had no place other than that in the area known as Denmark. He could not conform to the unity. Many activists were traumatized when they came to realization of the fact that the rule occupying area known as Denmark had no will in integrating their own underlings by means other than brute police force.

After the movie was cast, a brief discussion ensued.

I was able to inquire about the public opinion. The public opinion was divided,  about half  being supportive of the squatters.  A question was made about riots in Scania and the inclusion of immigrants. It seems that the immigrants did not want to conform to the ban of sexism and homophobia, even attacking parties where there were homosexuals, but they were eager to participate in demonstrations.

Danish police had tried to confiscate the tapes in many occasions making the filming difficult. That was a direct violation of the freedom of the press.  In one point they gave the tapes back as they should have, but then tried to get a permission in court for home search, which was denied.

Much of the discussion centered around technicalities and especially Riikka Kaihovaara was asking a lot of questions.

In the announcement board there was a note that a car has been patrolling the area,  seemingly spying squatters.

No alcoholic beverages were sold or used in the premises. Sosiaalikeskus is not accessible for people that are on wheelchair. I spotted open heterosexual behavior, but also some gender nonconformity. People were young, only few people estimated over thirty-five, none were non-Caucasian.

Sexsist "artwork" in Sompasaari

I could see someone being offended by the sexism of this