ofnr flow (nvc material in english, finnish, spanish, swedish)

posted by Milla — she=he

(English) Click here: ofnr flow chart – the process of nonviolent communication (pdf)

(Finnish) Klikkaa tästä: vuokaavio http:stä – väkivallaton vuorovaikutusprosessi (pdf)

(Finnish) Klikkaa tästä: tunteita ja tarpeita (pdf)

(Spanish) Haz clic aquí: diagrama de flujo de osnp – el proceso de comunicación no violenta (pdf)

(Swedish) Klicka här: okbö flödesschema – empatisk kommunikationsprocess (pdf)


Here’s some pdf files with the building blocks of nvc – nonviolent communication – and how to navigate, step by step. Simple, and hopefully useful.

If you have any comments / ideas on how to make the process more clear, please let it be known. My email: milla.ahola (at) gmail.com

If you would like to have the flow chart in other languages, I welcome you to send me the text (with the english version next to it – so i can see what snippet belongs where) and I can make you a version in whatever language you wish to see 🙂

Any comments / corrections on the translation of the spanish version are also welcome since it’s mostly done by me searching for phrases and words online. I have no idea how it sounds to a person who actually speaks the language.

Take care,

❤ milla


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