Conflicted (Daniel / Milla) Part 3

by Milla — she=he

Receiving and sending sms’ about talking.

I sent this sms yesterday:

[16:10:22] Do any of these times and dates work for you? Tue 2.8, after 16. Wednesday 3.8, after 13. Thursday 4.8, after 16.

Today there was some more:

[16:22:23] So wanna meet somewhere in the center around 18:00?

[16:27:09] Tomorrow would be better for me. Need to get up early. Could we meet wednesday 13 o’clock? Do u have any preference of where to meet?

[16:30:07] Ok how about at the Paavo Nurmi statue near the HJK football stadium and olympic arena?

[16:40:15] Ok c u by the nurmi statue at 13 o’clock wednesday. If it’s raining i think there’s a police station near by, i will stand under the roof and wait for you there.