Conflicted (Daniel / Milla) Part 2

by Milla –– she=he

I’m really tired emotionally and mentally. The messaging with Daniel continued today:


[10:51:15] From tomorrow im in Hki and free

[10:53:28] For how long are you staying? Do you know how to set up audio-recording?

[10:54:45] If u have a mic sure. Maybe a few days max a week.

[11:00:05]  Could you get help/arrange setting up audio? I have a camera and could ask someone to hold it and record 10 minutes at a time. I don’t know how to set up audio on short notice.

[11:01:00] Sure

[11:03:50] Checking that i understood what you said: you will arrange all the technical stuff needed to make a recording? And show how to upload it on the internet?

[11:04:37] Aha

[11:20:47] Are u okay meeting up at my place? I would like to do something normal first, like cook together, to feel more calm and not have this antagonistic ‘judge and jury’ feel to it. How does that sound to you?

[11:23:28] Yes i was thinking similar things. Maybe a walk in the park or something like this could work too.

[11:36:32] Ok. So we agree on getting used to one another before talking about the heavy stuff. I’ll let you know tomorrow what day and time would work for me.

[13:36:19] To be clear: I dont have a mic, just a headset that works off and on. So you need to fix a mic yourself.




2 Responses

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