self-organized Mental Health Support group, anyone ?

by Milla — she=he

Song: Sainkho Namtchylak – Let the Sunshine


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i’m 36, and i’m suffering from loneliness and depression, with the
occasional manic spouts, this has been my condition, probably, for as
long as i can remember. right now, i mostly isolate myself at home,
staying online. i’m not very motivated to do anything. i’m searching
for meaning, and can’t really find it. it’s hard asking for help when
i need it. too often interaction with others have just made it worse:
“Chin up” “You’ll get over it some day” “It’s not as bad as you
think”. or “You need professional help”.

i’ve had good experiences recently with self-organized support: there
are two persons supporting me in staying sober – one for alcohol and
one for coffee, and i would like to see if it would be possible to get
together a self-help group for people who see themselves as unbalanced
when it comes to mental health.

i would like to set up a meeting with people who would be interested
in self-organized mental health support. the point of the meeting
would be to talk about what we as individuals would wish for from such
a group, and as well what obstacles we see, that would prevent us from
participating in something like this.

the idea is to take everyone’s comfort level into account, a support
group is not something that should create feelings of obligation and
‘must’. i view it as a space of acceptance, and finding ways that feel
okay for everyone involved.

for instance: i like the idea of rotating responsibility for leading
the group, and at the same time i don’t view it as necessary for
everyone to take on this task if they find the idea too stressful. and
some persons might want to prepare and lead sessions, while knowing
that there’s a back up person – someone else who could jump in and
take over the session on short notice, in case the energy levels drop
just before a meeting, and there’s a strong need to just stay alone
and care for oneself instead of going to a meeting, or perhaps going
to the meeting but not wanting to lead it that particular time. the
back up person wouldn’t do any unnecessary work, cause the back up
session can always be the next session if all goes well.

when talking with people about this, one idea that has come up, is to
have one group meeting per month, and in between there could be a
mailing list, where people announce different things they’d like to
do, for instance going for a walk in the forest (and perhaps an hour
or two, walking in silence), or watching dance instructions on youtube
and learn and laugh (or not) together, while re-connecting with our
bodies (or just sitting wrapped up in a blanket, while others move

the group would meet in Helsinki.

for the people who are interested, i would like your help with setting
a date for a meeting:
please mark the dates and times that would work for you. the dates
suggested are between July 23 – 31.

if you don’t want to fill in the doodle, you are welcome to
write a private message to:
or call: 050 35 40 595

take care,



There will be a meeting on Wednesday, July 27 at 4 o’clock. If you are interested in coming you are welcome to give me a call or write me a line. /Milla


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  1. Hi again Milla. I’m Kevin. The one that you banned from facebook. I hope you are feeling better. A really good book to read is ” Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance ” The main charachter is going through what you may be going through now. That book had a great impact on me. I identifted with the main charachter, & saw where it all led when played out to the conclosion. The author, Robert Persig, freely admits that the title really has nothing to do with the content. It was a very influential book to me, & gave me some direction.

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