My birthday: July 8th

by Milla — she=he

Songs: Lisa Germano – Happiness, Souad Massi – Deb

"give it up, try again, give it up, try again - Ain't life fun? - happiness yeah"

hi all (near helsinki, finland)

i’ve made vague plans with a friend to meet on Friday, July 8th, which is the day i turn 36.

my wishes for the day would be to do something physical, for instance swimming, or having a walk, and also to have some mental exercise, for instance doing one of the worksheets related to ‘the work’ by byron katie. and then to plan ahead for the future, and talk about + write down some of the changes/actions i long for in my life, and how i imagine i would feel supported in making it happen.


and somewhere in between i imagine it would be nice to cook something.


so, anyone who sees themselves interested in doing something similar on friday is welcome to let this be known. i have no clear idea of time-schedule, anyone expressing interest is welcome to come with suggestions on what would suit them,
maybe i’ll write something more ‘clear’ tomorrow,
meanwhile i guess it’s enough with me leaving my
phone: 050 35 40 595
questions, comments, anything..
is welcome 🙂
take care,
so, the more concrete plan right now is to
— meet with a friend at the kulosaari metro station, 13.00, and walk from there to the beach in mustikkamaa.
— and later, dunno when, maybe 2 or 3 or more hours later, go to ‘ihana kahvila
— and then go to my place in hermanni, and cook something together
bring a notepad, or pen and paper, cause it might be useful if we at the beach, or at the cafe, have some talks about life and what we want to do with it. and we might possibly do some exercises using a method called ‘the work’ by byron katie as well.
you’re welcome to join at any time,
i prefer that you call to sending sms (i’m not a fan of text messaging)
my address again:
and phone number: 050 35 40 595
❤ milla

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