Compassionate Living: 7-day nvc meet-up in Savonlinna, Finland (June 27 – July 3)

by Milla — she=he


This is an open invitation for those who wish to make
~ compassionate connections ~
a part of our lives.

We invite you to a seven day get-together in a house, in the countryside, near Savonlinna, Finland. You are welcome to contribute with workshops, skills, or just your presence — — From June 27 to July 3 — — We share food costs, and responsibility for cooking, chopping wood, and other tasks of everyday living.

This meeting is still being planned,
and this is how far we’ve come –

1) How is it organized?
2) Who is welcome?
3) Info about the place.
4) Info about the food.
5) Info about sleeping space.
6) Money.
7) For questions, ideas, comments and participation announcements – please CONTACT…

1) How is it organized?

— This is a self-organized meeting. Two persons have taken an initiative for it to happen, and our wish is to create a base from where all persons participating can experience that they/we are contributing and receiving on an equal footing with everyone else at the meeting. This is probably more difficult to make happen in practice than with words, but at least this is what we’re aiming for.

We thought to have one or two times a day, where we gather all together, sit in a circle and talk through what wishes and needs there are, so we can make the most of our stay together.

Apart from caring for daily tasks such as cooking and carrying water –living, communicating and getting to know one another– we also thought to have an open space of about 4 hours each day, where people could do workshops – share skills – and practices together. All themes and topics are welcome – it doesn’t necessarily have to be about nvc.

2) Who is welcome?

— Some knowledge of Nonviolent Communication (nvc) is required in hopes of creating an efficient and supportive learning atmosphere. Basic understanding of

‘Observation, Feelings, Needs, Request’ &
‘Empathically Receiving’ &
‘Honestly Expressing’

is asked for. If you’re not sure about what this is, or want to learn more in order to see if you would enjoy participating at the meeting, please get in touch.

Another limitation: Since we don’t know how the weather will be -if it will rain and we stay indoors during the week- we thought that it would be comfortable to keep the number of participants to no more than 15.

3) Info about the place.

— We will stay in a house in the countryside near Savonlinna. The address is Kivimäentie 114 (Makkola, Savonlinna). A link to a map:

There is no running water. We get cold water from a well, to get hot water you need to heat it.
There is a lake 3 kilometers away, where we can swim and wash ourselves – and in early summer it’s probably cold as well.

The place has one fridge and one freezer, used for whatever is absolutely necessary to keep cool. We can try keeping other things cool in a well that is not being used.

There will be at least three dogs present. One of the dogs is sensitive to touching -can bite when touched- and it is therefor important that any children participating are made *FULLY AWARE* of this. Left untouched, the dog is very open and curious and friendly with the people around, and in no risk of causing any harm.

The person offering the place would appreciate help with wood work (chopping wood) and a bit of painting.

There will be mosquitoes there.

4) Info about the food.

How we imagine the cooking to be done: We (at the moment: Jonna, Milla) get most of the food before the get-together begins, and during the meeting a cooking group is created each day, where people decide together what to cook from the food that is there.

We wish to make the food as inclusive as possible, so we would like for it to be vegan (no animal products: no milk, no egg, no meat) and any allergies and other expressed wishes will be taken into to account, so that most of what is cooked and served together, will be possible to eat for the majority in the group.

People who want to bring non-vegan foods are welcome to do so. You are also welcome to bring whatever foods and snacks that will keep you comfortable during your stay. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of making meals together, you are also invited to bring your own food and cook by yourself.

– – – – –
Help wanted: We don’t have experience with buying and calculating food for 15 persons, so anyone with this type of experience and interest is welcome to contact Jonna who has taken responsibility for this task.

Jonna’s email: amapolasdelaluna (at)
Jonna’s phone: +358 44 30 77 250

5) We will have a shared sleeping space. There will be some mattresses available, you will need to bring your own sleeping bag, and we encourage everyone to bring their own sleeping pad as well, and whatever else you need to sleep comfortably.  Some parts of the house are difficult to get warm, so we advice you to bring warm clothing for the cool evenings, and as well in case it would turn out to be a rainy summer.

6) The only cost for this event is what we will put in our mouths: Food. We are not sure what the cost will be. Right now we’ve put an estimate at 7 euro per person per day. We’re not sure how to collect the money, if we split it equally or take donations of varying amounts. We’ll give more info about this when we know more. If the estimated sum is too much for you to pay, please get in touch, and we’ll work something out. Your participation should not be prevented because of money.

7) For questions, ideas, comments and participation announcements – please CONTACT..

Milla  –
email: milla.ahola (at)
phone: +358 50 35 40 595

For persons announcing their participation, please answer:

a) How many are you?
b) What date will you arrive?
c) How many days are you planning to stay?

d) Will you come by car? (If yes: Are you willing to give somebody else a ride? If yes: How many? From where are you coming?)
e) Will you need a ride? (If yes: From where?)

f) Will you eat the common meals?
g) Do you have any allergies?
h) Do you have any wishes in relation to the food? (for example: food you strongly dislike, or food that affects your well-being)
i) Are you willing to pay 7 euro per day for food? (If yes: Can you pay in advance?)

j) You don’t have to decide this now, it’s okay to answer this later as well, at the meeting:

Do you have any workshops – skills – practices/exercises you would like to announce for the open space meetings? (If yes: Could you give a short description of what it is you want to do?)

k) Is there anything else you think is important for others to know before you come?



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