Are you willing to share your network?

by Milla — she=he

I sent a link to this blog post as an sms to +36704568197:

Hi Daniel,

I’m dealing with depression and mental health problems, my energy-level is low, and my social network is not an active/present one, I’m mostly isolating myself from the world and people, staying indoors in a small room, and I would therefore experience a great relief in you sharing your network with me. What I’m mainly looking for is technical support, so that you and I can continue the talk on EMC. In six months – after one emc-example- we’ve managed to get to the conclusion that you don’t connect with written text. (If you disagree with this conclusion – please let it be known).

I’ve understood that it would be easier for you to have the talk over skype, and that you would be okay with having the talks recorded – I’m looking for someone to help out with the recordings and uploading them somewhere so that I can have access to them.

Would you be okay sharing your network with me?


The sms to Daniel looked like this: “Are you willing to share your network? Please read the full message here:  greetings milla”

[adding that anybody reading this blog post is welcome to help out with technical support — the main idea being: HOW TO RECORD VOICE/VIDEO CHATS? (preferably skype – or some free service that is easily accessible online) and HOW TO UPLOAD THE RECORDINGS AND HOW TO LISTEN TO THEM ON THE INTERNET/ONLINE? — either providing this help long-distance if it’s possible or near where i am (Helsinki, Finland) or near where Daniel is (apparently Budapest, Hungary and other places).]


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  1. I’ve posted this in about five places (forums, mailing lists):

    subject: technical/computer/mental health support? (Are you willing to share your network?)


    I’m a person wanting to talk about everyday male chauvinism with a guy – Daniel Vazsonyi – who’s been stalling (my interpretation) this deep-talk for about 2-3 years now.

    Daniel lives in Budapest, Hungary, and I live in Helsinki, Finland, and what we’ve seemed to agree on (after 6 months of messages back and forth) is that it would be okay for this guy to have voice/video chats with me, and also have them recorded – what I’m asking for now is tech-support (which would be a relief for my mental health)..

    Anyone knows, or knows someone who knows how to:


    Either long-distance help (online), or direct help on spot (Finland, Hungary) would be very much appreciated.

    The same request on my blog:

    take care,

  2. i’m feeling a bit insecure (angry, sad, frustrated – depression, depression), since daniel hasn’t replied for some weeks now. i’m really longing for some stability in these talks –

    1) knowing when to have them,
    2) how,
    3) how long.

    i feel rather alone in this. and appreciate the support i’ve received with different links (i’m waiting for my mind to be more at ease to deal with that) and people willing to talk with me and figure out how to use these different means of communications (i don’t have the technical skills to figure it out by my self).

    waiting – longing for the moment when i can FINALLY talk *about* EMC and not *how* to have the talk.

    posting the different links i’ve received so far:
    share audio:
    share video:

    THIS IS TOO COMPLICATED FOR ME!! HELP! Anybody help help help!

  3. and here is the link that daniel posted some time ago.

    i don’t understand how any of this works. i would just like to get it working without too much effort. like my mental health is really wobbly, and i seriously need help with this, cause i can’t do it by myself. i have a desktop that i think might work (this is not certain, i need to check it again) and it has some sort of windows on it (but as i said, might not work) and then i have a laptop with ubuntu, and it’s overloaded with stuff and freezes now and then, so i don’t trust it to be used for recordings. i would need to find someone who can empty it and re-install whatever it is that needs to be re-installed to get a computer working.

    like seriously. this has just taken up TOOOOO MUUUUUCH space in my head for the last months and i need help help help help help help help help help help with it.

    daniel said that there are tons of people that she can talk gender/sexism/undsoweiter with and this gets me feeling even more alone. that fuck i can’t even find a geek to help me with getting this talk over and done with, and daniel is talking about how unecessary this talk is for her — the important stuff can be discussed elsewhere — and that we live in different realities. and saying that she has tons of people to help. why can’t i have some that help? this is the thing that i don’t understand- and that i even feel a bit suspicious of- if there is such a big network and big help around, then why can’t i take part in it? what makes me different?

  4. […] I’m getting more precise than in my previous request: […]

  5. listing them in the same place so it’s easier to find later on..

    another link:

  6. this Audacity programm is nice.

    usually you have this small speaker in the right corner. where you can set the loudness the volume. you click on “options” then propertiies than “record” than “ok” …after

    then you can click on the source which you wanna record. the safest way is steromix. Sometimes its called different in other computers.

    whatever mill. your loved. your wonderfull.

    its hard to help through a little coment.

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