Advanced decision making

by Milla — she=he

Something worth contemplating: The difference between “wanting to” and being “willing to” do something.

Maximizing Willingness for Collaborative Decision-Making, with Miki Kashtan
How can you support a group in reaching a decision, especially under time constraints, without losing goodwill and inclusion? What can you do to de-polarize a group and create shared ownership of the issues that need to be addressed? What tools support people in shifting from entrenched positions? This presentation addresses these and similar challenges and offers concrete steps for facilitating efficient collaboration towards a decision while keeping everyone on board.”

This is a video worth watching for persons who are interested in satisfactory decision-making processes, meaning: How to get decisions that we can live with and thrive in, instead of regretting, for years to come đŸ™‚

Miki Kashtan sketches out the process of balancing what we want, and what we are willing to do, maximizing willingness for collaboration in the process of coming to a decision based on the needs of a group, in a workshop done in March, 2011. She is the only one with a microphone on, so you can expect to miss out on what the participants are saying in this video.

Word explanation: nvc, iit, sociocracy,

Miki Kashtan writing about the conference on her blog: The power of collaboration


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