Triggering sentence

by Milla — she=he

Note: I’m writing this blog post drunk.

Kind of thinking about why I have this big amount of misery in my life and how my understanding of things is so mismatched with others. Example of a sentence that triggers these questions:

i have tons of ppl around me who i can talk with about intimidation or sexual abuse or control mechanism inherent in the male social psyche or anything else

This is Daniel saying that there are tons (thousands?) of people around her supporting her in reflecting on her gender-role. And at the same time, I have a background of asking for support in having a talk where these things could be reflected, and even asking Daniel if there would be anyone willing to support me in having this talk with her with  ZERO response. Daniel’s PERSONAL RELATIONS are NOT POLITICAL!! (and Daniel using the ‘this is history’ -argument is absolute crap, cause i could say that about anything she says, like “so your childhood experiences are triggered when we talk and you feel unsafe – well get over it, that was decades ago!!”)

So when Daniel is now saying that there is a huge movement – tons of people – I’m (rather sarcastically) wondering: “when did this change happen in the Hungarian, Finnish, Whatever scene? And how come I’m not tapped into these thousands of people ‘dealing with it’. Am I just a crazy person not understanding anything about what’s going on?” That’s what I feel like I’m treated like at least – in this talk.

Since NOVEMBER! The same CRAP!


It’s so disturbing that this guy is saying that I’m a capable proponent of social change – and at the same time has NO CLUE that NOT SOLVING stuff and having all these TONS OF PEOPLE in the scene not communicating with me about this – Well this causes a space where “If this is the way it is. Daniel feels supported. And I myself notice no change whatsoever. Well I better leave so I don’t go under.”

It’s so sick listening to speeches about how ‘sexist men – sexist men should not be left out in the street to freeze and hunger’ (WHAT THE FUCK!) = ‘Let’s not talk about this now or ever and go and find some other space cause I DON’T WANT TO CHANGE.’

I would love to have the same glasses on — seeing this as ‘only’ Daniel — and not as a problem with the whole community, causing me, to leave, while Daniel can continue taking space that is including Spaces, Networks, Individuals — great. Daniel can’t fucking see it this way. But sees my point of view as something extremely harmful for sexist men! SOOO FUCKED UP!


3 Responses

  1. “what about all those feminist women who will freeze and hunger”… like the squat in tampere. i’ve been there, and Daniel has been there, at different times,

    MY experience: Listening to this australian guy be super aggressive and openly anti-feminist, and having the friend support. I only stayed for one night. It was unbearable. The following night I was out looking for safe places to sleep in the area, outside, cause I felt so uncomfortable/disturbed/disgusted there.

    What I heard from Karla K. saying about Daniel’s stay at the same house: Karla feeling uncomfortable with staying there. That the guys where sitting there being drunk, not creating a very pleasant atmosphere. (I’m pretty sure Karla feels uncomfortable about me saying that she said that – but whatever).

    It’s just so obvious that SEXIST GUYS have no threat whatsoever in relation to using the material means or even having influence in the scene. While women like myself, choose to sleep outdoors, and (which is essentially ok – cause the ‘scene’ isn’t really going anywhere new and exciting) so eventually we leave. And this is not a problem for the sexist men – because then they feel safer in not changing harmful attitudes.

    it’s so sick.

  2. like this australian guy walked around in hirvi talo as well telling people the same ‘joke’ over and over again.

    “what’s the similarity between a pizza and a russian whore? — the fungus”

    like seriously this is at the level that it’s at. this was Daniel’s drinking company for the time Daniel was in tampere. and Daniel is saying that there’s TONS of people with a ‘critical’ ‘reflective’ attitude.


  3. and when i say sexist guys.. then i mean guys who have enough privilege to know about the existence of the ‘scene’ (fucking secrete society) and as well having a privilege when it comes to ability, race, age.

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