Out in the real world

by Milla — she–he

Links to the video clips mentioned in the comments below:

// Jeremy Rifkin on ‘the empathic civilization’

// Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability 🙂

I told a person I wouldn’t post their name and photo on my blog if there would be a disagreement between us in the future. It’s supposed to provide the person with safety. The person said nothing about deleting -controlling- my words being a part of this safety — I live in a world where there is little freedom to speak and act and create the world I want to live in, and I get safety from spaces where I can speak, act and create without having that expression destroyed and de-prioritized.

So, the following is something that no longer exist on this guy’s facebook wall:

And after this post, there was another post on the same wall:

Then I had a private conversation / messages sent with the person:

And another message I sent after noticing that the first ‘Rifkin’-post + comments was deleted, and that my (only my comments) had been deleted from the ‘Brown’-post:

And I posted a question on the ‘Brown’-post:

My comment disappeared again, and I got this response in private:

I de-friended the person, since I don’t enjoy how the person uses their facebook wall – deleting comments with, for me, unsatisfactory reasons to do so, and will post a link to this blog post on the facebook group (created by the same person) where we first got in touch – it’s one of many groups for practicing nvc on fb.

I feel pretty unsafe posting in the group, worried that my comment will once again be deleted, without discussion. Here’s a screen shot of the comment I made in the group:





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