How to make it (advice from a drop out)

by Milla — she=he

I realize now, some years later on, after getting all turned on by the pretty words of Liberation, Freedom and Equality amongst people who support the subculture squatting houses, knowing they are better than the people who know less than they do of how society is all a sham, making us suffer and hurt one another – for nothing.

Well – I figured out that if I wouldn’t have been so stuck on words and transparent practices – wanting to know how to reach those common goals (freedom, equality) I could have made my way easily right to the center of the ‘Loving Heart’ (or ‘Evil’ – whichever way you prefer it – looking at it from the ‘Inside’ or ‘Outside’..) If I would have been smart enough I should have skipped the speeches and worked for a year and gotten myself a car. This way I would have made myself ‘useful’ to the movement and become a popular creature with power and glory – One Of The Good Benevolent All-Knowing Leaders of the Left 🙂

COPS!! Listen UP!! This is Seriously The Way To Do It 🙂 Also a serious word of advice for Sensitive Social Changers – A car can get you enough power to negotiate your ‘In’ or ‘Out’ position in the scene.

And some more of my drunken ramblings from facebook today:


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