Nonviolent Communication -NVC- practice group, Helsinki

by Milla — she=he

If you search for “Helsinki NVC-group” on Facebook you will get to this:

Non-violent communication practice group (in English) in the Helsinki area. No previous experience needed 🙂

You can borrow books [in English, Finnish, Swedish] from other members of this network, such as:

—  We Can Work It Out: Resolving Conflicts Peacefully and Powerfully (M. Rosenberg)  —  Getting Past the Pain Between Us: Healing and Reconciliation Without Compromise (M. Rosenberg)  —  The Surprising Purpose of Anger: Beyond Anger Management, Finding the Gift (M. Rosenberg) ..and a few more 🙂

UPDATE -New TIME, New Address !!!
The next practice session will take place December 11th, 12 o’clock
Address: In Kallio (contact Enni — elepalko at hotmail dot com for more information) ..

Suggestions made for how the group could work made at the last meeting:

ROTATING FACILITATION: People who go to the meetings on a regular basis share the task of keeping the meeting smooth and focused. Each time a different person take on the role of facilitator.

The tasks of the facilitator:
1.Share information on the upcoming meeting (Time, Place, Any specific topics) on Facebook, emails etc
2.When new people at the meeting: (if needed) Give a short introduction to nvc, (always) Explain the meeting structure
3.Moves the meeting forward, Cares for speaking turn, Cares for time [or asks for others to care for the different tasks]

[ask any questions you have on the different tasks, at the meeting, if you’re not sure what do do]

People who drop by now and then for trainings do not need to fear any expectations to take on this task, but are welcome to it if they so wish.


Beginning round 1: Feelings, needs at the moment? Anything you need to feel safe in the group?

Beginning round 2: Expectations? What do you wish to practice?


Break: Where it’s possible to relax and chat about whatever and be ‘un’-nvc


Ending round 1: Reflection on triggering interaction / situations in the group. Did something someone said/did – didn’t say/do trigger feelings and needs? Some other stimulus triggering feelings and needs? Requests?

Ending round 2: Feelings needs met? Goals/Expectations achieved? Feedback? Suggestions for what to focus on next time?

Practical: Next meeting? Who facilitates?


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