23.-24.10 Compassionate Communication, Practice weekend

by Milla — she=he


To speak 'Giraffe' or 'The language of the heart' or 'Compassionate communication' or 'Nonviolent communication'. In short: NVC.


Passing on info. I have no idea how many persons in Finland, as well as how many persons with a friendly curiosity are reading this blog.. But it’s worth a try 🙂

Super cool workshop weekend coming up in Helsinki, Finland. Saturday and Sunday 23.-24.10. Arranged by Enni and Cecilia.

23.-24.10 Compassionate Communication, Practice weekend

Compassionate Communication (NVC)

This weekend is for anyone interested in learning to communicate with
compassion, honesty and respect for other human beings. The course is
inspired by Nonviolent Communication, also called Giraffe-language.

During the course we will practice compassionate and honest
communication, and explore how the way we think about ourselves and
others affects the connection between us.


– The fours steps of Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
– Empathy & Honesty
– Dealing with anger, shame and guilt
– Needs and feelings instead of blame and judgments
– Saying and hearing Sorry! in a way that connects instead of creating
shame and guilt

The course leader is Cecilia Carlsson (Sweden) who has many years of
experience in teaching NVC. The course will be held in English.

Date and time: Oct 23 & 24. 10.00-17.00
Fee: 50 Euros
Questions and registrations (before 10th of October) to
Enni Koskela by e-mail (elepalko [at] hotmail.com).



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