Milla says she has mental problems

by Milla — she=he

Today’s Song: Leila K – C’mon Now

I’m really tired of the insistent, labeling response I keep receiving on this blog. And lately a few persons taking interest in discussing my mental health, and some of them expressing that they would like to hear me admit to having mental issues.

If someone has missed this:

I, Milla, have a lot of mental problems.

Can people with mental health problems still experience sexism? Get hurt by sexism? Discuss sexism without the focus being on their mental health? Can people with mental health problems talk of the cause of them having mental health problems being rooted in them existing in a very violent system? Can people with mental health problems speak of their mental health on their own terms?

Or am I only here to be diagnosed?


I have nothing against talking of my mental health problems. Getting specific and nitty-gritty about it. The problem I have is if my experience of sexism is said to be not true because of my mental health, or that sexism is not seen as a contributing factor to my mental health. Or that a talk on my mental health would block out a talk on the experienced sexism, or a talk on possible changes in my environment that would have a healing effect on me.

I do see sexism, and all other oppressive systems I take part in on a daily basis, where i hold positions of advantage and disadvantage, to be very violent and damaging for my mental health. I think it’s important to cure the cause for my mental illness (and the illness of this society), by becoming aware of what it is that has these effects on me, i want to change the structures that i currently exist within, i’m not interested in ‘adjusting’ or ‘adapting’ into a system that i see as flawed and unhealthy.

Would this be an accepted starting point for discussion on my mental health?

Added Song: Seal – Crazy


One Response

  1. by milla

    i figure that the non-response to this blog post is a message on how the discussions with me are preferred to be.

    i’m not really supposed to have a say myself when it comes to my mental health.

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