Conversation with Jay Blanco #2

by Milla — she=he

On the icy sea, on the coast of Helsinki, walks a strange creature. She knows not how to read minds and learns of the world and herself in interaction with others. Her behavior has been interpreted as "narcissism, sociopathy, BPD, and various psychotic disorders". These categories are seemingly agreed upon by many: "Female friends, as well as my own female therapist, have read all the correspondence and other blog entries of yours and used the same words and more."

I posted some thoughts on my facebook profile. Jay Blanco responded with a comment. I asked for clarification of the feelings/thought process/intent with this response. Here’s some of the communication. Once again. No further explanation on my side, cause I’m tired and wish for ease. This is What Is. The world we’re inhabiting today.

— From my facebook wall — — —

— From private messages on facebook — — —


Apart from looking and acting crazy. She's also been called: Free. In the picture: Milla Ahola on an ice walk in Helsinki, January 2010.


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