Conflict and NVC #3

by Milla — she=he

I hope that someone gets my message.

Today’s song: Message in a bottle – The Police

This is a response to a request for not posting one of my messages on an online nvc practice group called synergycommunication:

** my answer is, no it’s not okay that you don’t release this post. my (F) concern is that you’re not mentioning the specific guideline the post is not meeting, and that i’m pretty sure i would be able to find a guideline that the post would meet. so, please, go ahead and post the message. it would meet my need for co-operation and consistency.

and i wouldn’t say that “meeting the posting guidelines” is a ‘need‘. i would say that this is what Marshall Rosenberg talks of as Amtssprache (used to distance oneself from responsibility in what we do) and Amtssprache really (F) pisses me off. So, please, just post the message. It’s up to Alex to respond or not. And Alex is a grown-up, and can choose to do that on-list.

❤ milla


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