The history of racism (The white man’s burden)

by Milla — she=he

Today’s song: We don’t need another hero – Tina Turner

Having a closer look a the hero of our story - A White Guy with a Whip and a Gun. Standing in front of a map of the world. Ready to take action.


I have a horrible gum infection caused by bad dental hygiene and a slooowly growing wisdom tooth. Not very interesting – but for sure on my mind since some days 😦

Anyhow. I’m reading a lot, and been talking a lot, and doing the usual observing, interacting and learning. Recently watching videos from youtube with television series from when i was growing up, with the white man as the hero of every story. White women are also white, and more of our relation to the main character in history – the “hero” of our story – and some on how we participate in white-supremacist-capitalist-patriarchy can be read here.


And a random program, giving a different perspective of “the white man’s burden” of bringing “civilization” to the rest of the world:

The History of Racism – Episode 1

The History of Racism – Episode 2

The History of Racism – Episode 3


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