Milla’s latest (speaking truth)

by Cunt Incognita, FOTZE homeless in Berlin — she=he

Some of my latest thoughts on how the community behave in relation to sexism expressed openly, publicly within. Daniel posted on my Couchsurfing profile that I am “hardcore borderline” and a bad drunk. For more on that read this: Daniel – Do something about your sexism!

Maria Morozova posted a very protective and sweet reference to Daniel in response to me saying that the guy has problems with male chauvinist behaviors. I don’t understand why. Why?

Once when speaking with Maria, she said that Daniel “is like a girl”. She also told me I shouldn’t say this to Daniel for some reason. I don’t understand why. As if it would have been an insult to the guy’s manhood or something(?) If this is her perception of girlish or innocent behavior, then I dread to see the rest of the men taking part in the Morze Infoshop collective she’s so keen on “keeping together”.

An Outsider About The Morze Infoshop

I’m going out of my mind with so many conflicts going on at the same time. Normal life is like a warzone. Violence are us. We are violent. Not free.


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  1. fuck you!

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