Psycho Sexism

by Cunt Incognita, FOTZE homeless in Berlin — she=he

I spend a lot of time just going through memories. Wondering why the leftist scene is so touchy about addressing violence and systemic oppression within. Not being capable of dealing with feelings. Trauma.

The way I was talking with Ida and Emma and Reka, all of them having their own excuses for why Daniel should not be stopped. Saying that the guy is too mental (Reka – after having a three year relation with the guy) or that the stories I tell and what Daniel tells are differing so much so that it’s difficult to know what’s what (Emma and Ida).

It’s so psycho the way we women have been socialized into making excuses and believing in the poor seduction skills (it’s usually enough with a vague promise of ‘love’..) of the messed up men around, who take and use and play and abuse.

Maria, who once was in love with Daniel, has written a nice reference to the man on the guy’s couchsurfing profile after I wrote a negative one. It’s very sweet:

First link:

Second link:

Third link:

Fourth link:

I’m really curious how Daniel and Maria managed to resolve the previous conflict they had. The one where Daniel called Maria completely fascist, and saying that the guy doesn’t really know what the hell it is Maria is working with cause it’s not so interesting to the guy. And Maria saying that Daniel is crazy. Of course, these things were never said face to face, but as usual, only told in “private”.

Maria is nowadays recommending Daniel “for everything”.. Also for references in relation to her? I could post quite a lot of interesting material that have come out in “private” conversations about what Daniel thinks of Maria. Is this what she means with waiting for a “positive surprise”?

Meanwhile. It’s very possible that Daniel is doing some nice work at keeping myself out in the streets. Cool guy. I wish I could do as Maria recommends and meet with this man in person..

And once again – my original response to Daniel’s public crazy-making:

Daniel Do Something About Your Sexism!

I sent the umpteenth message to Daniel over facebook in relation to shitty behavior, non-accountability, and STUFF! I don't want to exist in the same spaces as this man. I don't want to make my world smaller. I don't want this man to make my world smaller. If there is no change, at least, there could be clear boundaries. I wish someone could help with this. I don't want to be alone against smiling faking faces.

I sent this message to Daniel on Facebook, let’s see about the response:

Hello Daniel. Your sexism is cramping my style and could very possibly be making it difficult for me to find hosts on couchsurfing. I would like for you to remove your sexist crazy-making (calling me borderline) as well as the talk about me drinking – unless you would add that I’m a sober alcoholic (otherwise I see no other use in these comments than that you like for people to get a strange impression of me, and keep from getting in contact with me)

More on how your everyday expressions of sexism is affecting me on a practical level in my current everyday life, here:


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