Leftist “Who Knows Who” Bureaucracy

by Cunt Incognita, FOTZE in Berlin — she=he

This is a letter to an infoshop in Berlin about some workshops I want to do and my frustration with the unspoken bureaucracy of the leftist scene.

Who Is Cool in the Leftist Scene? Who knows who?

hello again,

i’m now about to share a big deep trauma i have with the leftist scene.

starting with going to a workshop called männlichkeitsbilder in der antifa (Male images, Masculinity types within Antifascist politics) at friedelstrasse 54 last sunday, and the guy doing the workshop going around with a bowl where everybody was putting their mobile phones, and then putting the bowl in the fridge (or some other place while having the workshop) – not explaining anything, and no discussion whatsoever if this would be necessary or not.

i got the same feeling last time i was over at the faq cafe. a person who was there for the first time taking care of it, could not answer my usual desperate questions on how to practically arrange whether or not i would have some workshops there. i was asking for a person i could speak with face to face, someone who felt responsible for this, i asked for a phone number i could call, and the person was looking hesitantly at me, saying she’s not really sure it’s a good thing to share phone numbers.

i ended up writing down my phone number on a piece of paper. supposedly to be passed on to some person who could answer the questions about workshops.

here’s the number again:

0160 6777 059 (Please Call. It would make my life a whole lot easier and less stressful)

i’m not really doing any promotion for the workshops at faq.
i sent the info to stressfaktor, but nothing has been done with it so far (no info posted anywhere, and none of my questions answered, and i dont’ know why.)

also there’s no info on the faq site, and probably no info sent out on the mailing list you have?

i love diy. i love free spaces.

i hate the security paranoia, and the strong feeling of being trapped in an insider “who knows who” nightmare bureaucracy in order to be able to share something with others in a workshop or discussion.

i’m still not sure that the workshops are welcome at this place.

i’m trying to make clear that i have very small means of promoting them. i will NOT make flyers. i will NOT talk with everybody i meet. i would like to be able to have the information out there in some space where people who are interested, easily can find it and decide for themselves if they are interested in joining or not.

i can’t express the frustration i have with this.

that i would really like to be able to speak with someone face to face. since email contact is not working, and just prolonging this agony of being a total outsider to the “scene” that to me mostly is about people wanting to be cool or getting some status – not about people sharing what is in their hearts.

i got an email saying i would receive more info on keys and such later. that the person answering didn’t feel comfortable speaking english, and would write me when getting help with language.

i respect this. and my answer now is that i prefer SOME form of communication in WHATEVER language, rather than none.

i’m perfectly fine with getting the info in german as long as i: get some info.

and also would like to know who i can speak with in order to get the info about the workshops out on your mailing list, and on your website/blog (whatever it’s called).

please please please




SUNDAY MAY 9th. TIME: 15 – 18
:: Consensus Culture & Decision Making

How to deal with dictatorship in so called “flat
structured/anarchist/leaderless horizontal” groups?

Practical workshop with short intro to consensus and different meeting
techniques. — Consensus means to agree, to compromise until
everybody can agree on something. It’s a method to practice direct
democracy. It doesn’t mean that everybody should be of the same
opinion. It simply means that it’s possible to agree on a decision
that everybody can accept.
.. ..

WEDNESDAY MAY 12th. TIME: 18 – 21

:: Theatre of the oppressed

Practical workshop where we through various warm-up exercises, games,
and finally theatre (role play) explore oppression on an up-close
personal level.
.. ..


THURSDAY MAY 13th. TIME: 19 – 21.
:: Alternative spaces & squatting from a radical feminist point of view.

Radical feminist talking about sexism within a social center project
in Helsinki and other spaces. Intro and then free discussion.

For more info: https://sosiaalikeskus.wordpress.com/read-this &
.. ..

SATURDAY MAY 15th. TIME: 15 – 18
:: Feminist Self Defense

Practical workshop with mental, verbal and physical self defense.
Including games and role-play.

(For “WOMEN” = persons born with female genitals or intersexed who
have had faced oppression because of being categorized as female, or “women”
by the rest of society, “TRANS-MEN” and “TRANS-WOMEN”)

For more info: http://www.myspace.com/feminist_sister
.. ..

LANGUAGE: The person doing the workshop speaks English, but it’s probably possible to work out translation in German.

For more info, questions, comments, please write to:


The workshops will take place at:

Jonasstraße 40,
U-bahn: Leinestraße (U8)



Milla’s latest (speaking truth)

by Cunt Incognita, FOTZE homeless in Berlin — she=he

Some of my latest thoughts on how the community behave in relation to sexism expressed openly, publicly within. Daniel posted on my Couchsurfing profile that I am “hardcore borderline” and a bad drunk. For more on that read this: Daniel – Do something about your sexism!

Maria Morozova posted a very protective and sweet reference to Daniel in response to me saying that the guy has problems with male chauvinist behaviors. I don’t understand why. Why?

Once when speaking with Maria, she said that Daniel “is like a girl”. She also told me I shouldn’t say this to Daniel for some reason. I don’t understand why. As if it would have been an insult to the guy’s manhood or something(?) If this is her perception of girlish or innocent behavior, then I dread to see the rest of the men taking part in the Morze Infoshop collective she’s so keen on “keeping together”.

An Outsider About The Morze Infoshop

I’m going out of my mind with so many conflicts going on at the same time. Normal life is like a warzone. Violence are us. We are violent. Not free.

Daniel’s latest (endless nothingness)

by Cunt Incognita, FOTZE homeless in Berlin — she=he

This is a continuation of Psycho Sexism and What? Talking with a guy with a bad habit of dominating women. This is tedious documentation of painful and real sexism in my life. At this moment. Now.

Psycho Sexism

by Cunt Incognita, FOTZE homeless in Berlin — she=he

I spend a lot of time just going through memories. Wondering why the leftist scene is so touchy about addressing violence and systemic oppression within. Not being capable of dealing with feelings. Trauma.

The way I was talking with Ida and Emma and Reka, all of them having their own excuses for why Daniel should not be stopped. Saying that the guy is too mental (Reka – after having a three year relation with the guy) or that the stories I tell and what Daniel tells are differing so much so that it’s difficult to know what’s what (Emma and Ida).

It’s so psycho the way we women have been socialized into making excuses and believing in the poor seduction skills (it’s usually enough with a vague promise of ‘love’..) of the messed up men around, who take and use and play and abuse.

Maria, who once was in love with Daniel, has written a nice reference to the man on the guy’s couchsurfing profile after I wrote a negative one. It’s very sweet:

First link: http://wp.me/pmj9t-jf

Second link: http://wp.me/pmj9t-EE

Third link: http://wp.me/pmj9t-Ji

Fourth link: http://wp.me/pmj9t-GD

I’m really curious how Daniel and Maria managed to resolve the previous conflict they had. The one where Daniel called Maria completely fascist, and saying that the guy doesn’t really know what the hell it is Maria is working with cause it’s not so interesting to the guy. And Maria saying that Daniel is crazy. Of course, these things were never said face to face, but as usual, only told in “private”.

Maria is nowadays recommending Daniel “for everything”.. Also for references in relation to her? I could post quite a lot of interesting material that have come out in “private” conversations about what Daniel thinks of Maria. Is this what she means with waiting for a “positive surprise”?

Meanwhile. It’s very possible that Daniel is doing some nice work at keeping myself out in the streets. Cool guy. I wish I could do as Maria recommends and meet with this man in person..

And once again – my original response to Daniel’s public crazy-making:

Daniel Do Something About Your Sexism!

I sent the umpteenth message to Daniel over facebook in relation to shitty behavior, non-accountability, and STUFF! I don't want to exist in the same spaces as this man. I don't want to make my world smaller. I don't want this man to make my world smaller. If there is no change, at least, there could be clear boundaries. I wish someone could help with this. I don't want to be alone against smiling faking faces.

I sent this message to Daniel on Facebook, let’s see about the response:

Hello Daniel. Your sexism is cramping my style and could very possibly be making it difficult for me to find hosts on couchsurfing. I would like for you to remove your sexist crazy-making (calling me borderline) as well as the talk about me drinking – unless you would add that I’m a sober alcoholic (otherwise I see no other use in these comments than that you like for people to get a strange impression of me, and keep from getting in contact with me)

More on how your everyday expressions of sexism is affecting me on a practical level in my current everyday life, here:

Films about conscience – Duy Beni (Hear Me)

by Cunt Incognita, FOTZE in Berlin — she=he

A still shot from the film Duy Beni - Hear Me taken from a film festival site with short films about Conscience.

This is a still shot from Duy Beni - Hear Me, taken from a film festival site with short films about Conscience.

Click the link to see what’s going on in Istanbul and Turkey.

A film about conscience:

Duy Beni – Hear Me

To read the site in English, click the button in the right upper corner.

How do we end the hate in this world. How do we connect with ourselves and
everything relating with us here on earth.

Questions & TrAnswers

by Cunt Incognita, FOTZE in Berlin — she=he

The questions! The answers!

Has someone ever asked you a question that feels invasive? Has a complete stranger ever made assumptions about your life? Do people tell you that your name and pronouns puts a strain on their lives? Red and Charles answer some of these challenging questions!