System Change – Toward Transformative Justice

Berlin, Germany

Spring is here and it’s a great time to do some learning and growing together. We are some persons who would like to get deeper into a text called  “Toward Transformative Justice”. Learning about Transformative Justice is learning how to form groups, and how to do something structured in response to the violence in our communities. It’s about healing. Springtime inside and out 🙂

We are three white women from Finland, Germany and the US, and would very much like to find more people interested in a shared learning / reading experience on the TJ-Approach. The reading group would be in English, 5 meetings in April and May.

The name of the text: “Toward Transformative Justice. A Liberatory Approach to Child Sexual Abuse and other forms of Intimate and Community Violence. A Call to Action for the Left and the Sexual and Domestic Violence Sectors.” by Generation Five, June 2007  (Generation Five

“This paper offers a substantive discussion on the liberatory politic of Transformative Justice. Transformative Justice, as defined in this paper, is premised on the idea that individual justice and collective liberation are equally important, mutually supportive, and fundamentally intertwined – the achievement of one is impossible without the achievement of the other.” (Toward Transformative Justice – page 1)

It’s a clear and empowering description – 70 pages long – including the work of several groups with a non-violent response to intimate, interpersonal and community violence in the US. (e.g. Incite! Women of Color Against Violence, Critical Resistance, CARA

“Transformative Justice responds to the lack of – and the critical need for – a liberatory approach to violence. A liberatory approach seeks safety and accountability without relying on alienation, punishment, or State or systemic violence, including incarceration and policing.” (

The goals of Transformative Justice as a response to all forms of violence are:
Survivor safety, healing and agency   –   Accountability and transformation of those who abuse   –   Community response and accountability   –   Transformation of the community and societal conditions that create and perpetuate violence.

If you want the text as pdf, go to and click on the link saying Toward Transformative Justice.

For WHERE AND WHEN see below.





from 16-20h,
Jonasstraße 40,
U-bahn: Leinestraße (U8)

1. April 1   ..Introduction
2. April 8   ..One: Why is Transformative Justice Necessary for Liberation?
3. April 22  ..Two: Principles of Transformative Justice
4. May 6   ..Three: Developing Transformative Justice Practices
5. May 20   ..Conclusion and Next Steps

(texts read before the meeting)

If there are a lot of people:
* Starting round in the big group: Is there anything people would like to share with the big group. Questions, approaches, ideas…?
* Split into small groups (spreading into other cafés or staying at the FAQ)
* Starting round the following week:
– Share reflections of the small reading groups from the last week
– Sharing questions, other ideas… for example, announcing the interest of reading sub-groups with specific content-focus, other political groups…
* Again splitting in however formed smaller groups (spreading into other places or staying in the FAQ)

Alternative Time-Structure:
all together 4 hours
16-16.30:  Starting round
16.30-19.00:   Selforganized reading groups
19-20.00:   Reflection-Sharing in the big group


3 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I do work around male privilege/violence with Gen 5, and – if you all are open to sharing – I’m curious what came of this discussion group. 🙂

    Here’s a short piece on some of the work I do:


  2. hello 🙂

    i don’t know if this is too much info, but this is the way i choose to tell it, cause it seems more informal/normal to me:

    my name is milla, and i’m ‘into’ feminism, and i met with a person in berlin who is aware when it comes to anti-racism, and since i was just traveling and not having any particular plan in my life, it seemed to me that it would be a good idea for us to do some reading and talking together, i wanted to expand my awareness when it comes to white privilege/supremacy and this white woman was willing to work with me on that.

    the reading group was quickly put together, the text — TTJ — was chosen by her, out of coincidence / interest / inclination. so it ended up being the two of us meeting and reading and talking. two more persons came at two different occasions.

    on my part, nothing has happened after, apart from me spreading the text in different places (randomly) online.

    the other person i don’t know what she’s doing.

    a third person who did a workshop on consent, and community accountability, where i got to meet with my reading partner, and first talk about these things, well it seems like she’s now doing some sort of workshops on transformative justice. (i saw the topic mentioned in an email from berlin – some feminist event there). i had a conflict (communication problems – however anyone prefers naming it) with her, and apart from the info i got from the email, i don’t know what she’s doing at the moment. i can send her contact info to you if you write me a private email:
    you could also have the email of my reading partner.

    you’re welcome to contact me over skype: feministsister

    i’m pretty clueless on where to start – how to introduce the idea of a society away from punishment – centered on healing – where people speak openly and care for one another. so, a talk with a human being with experience from working/functioning/thinking in this way is something i would find helpful.

    take care,

    • adding more info:

      i’m in helsinki, finland at the moment, and most of the time sitting in a room, trying to sort out my head (mental problems, hurtful situations in the past) trying to get more balanced and rested. more healthy. heal. i’m not a part of any group. i’m by myself. one of those individuals who jump around in between groups and events searching for ‘meaning’…

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