Anti-Sexist Therapy (#8 Say hi to Pif!)

by Cunt Incognita, FOTZE in Berlin — she=he

I don’t know. Things are the usual majorly energy-drainingly fucked up, and I’m wondering what the hell to do – how to move – how to think, in order to be free.

Communication is Blaah. And every so often I get dysfunctional. Like now: Saying HI TO PIF! 🙂 The Punk In Finland forum that keep on discussing this blog in whatever way. Daniel has been said to deserve a bottle of booze for all the attention that has been focused on her. Hear that Daniel? Some free vodka if you sign up on the PIF forum!

Also this blaah, bleeh, with Daniel not being able to answer simple questions. The slippery snakeyness about this guy. Why do you call me mental? Why do you call yourself anti-sexist?

And this is a continuation from this discussion CLICK HERE


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