Anti-Sexist Therapy (#3 Ask for help)

by Cunt Incognita, VITTU in Finland — she=he


Anti-Sexist Therapy (#2 Warn Others)

by Cunt Incognita, VITTU in Finland — she=he

If you’ve experienced something crappy, be sure to share this information with others. No one will take you seriously, and you will get a lot of shit for doing it, the nice reward is to know that you’ve done your best to prepare others for the bumpy ride that you yourself got on with no warning and no recommendation to use seatbelt.

Also: Speaking is a simple way of finding out where others stand. Do they support you in talking without shame — or will they see you as some kind of a weirdo and full of hate, individualizing what you’re experiencing and what you’re going through, instead of supporting you in changing the oppressive structures designed to keep you down. Speaking is an easy way of separating Friendly Ones from Indifferent Robots and Collaborators of Status Quo.

Rise up – Speak up.

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Number one.Number two.

The video below is for Daniel, and all the other men who claim to be “anti-sexist”. An anti-sexism that I on my side feel as Women are stupid and I don’t respect them —  You’re talking to me about stuff – why?! Show me your genitals!

Girls’ brains are much stupider than mens’ are, so they should always listen to us, cause we’re smart.. A real life example of Daniel Vazsonyi’s MAN-focused whitewashed philosophy: books: lots of hegel, marx, kierkegaard, nietzsche the rest is just a copy of a copy of a copy…” White guys — and the rest of us are just copies of a copy of a copy.. No new interesting perspectives to be found.. Persons of color, women etc have nothing new to bring to the world..


Daniel Vazsonyi looking up to and embracing the white man.


Anti-Sexist Therapy (#1 Expose Them)

by Cunt Incognita, VITTU in Finland — she=he