Making whiteness visible (South Africa)

by Cunt Incognita, FOTZE in Berlin — she=he

I got a link to an article by a columnist in South Africa sent to me today, and decided to repost, cause it clearly describes how difficult it is to get whiteness seen as a topic worth discussing.


Stuff white liberals say and do

You’ve got to love white people. They’re so very white. Especially in South Africa.

You see, I’m something of a connoisseur. One day I woke up, thought about the fact that about 80% of our country is black, and examined my life. I looked at the friends that filled my photo albums, the people who had married into my family and my fellow customers at all the bars, clubs and restaurants I frequented. And I realised I was surrounded by white people.

If Bruce Willis was around this is the point where I would stage whisper to him: “I see white people — and they don’t know that they’re white!”

Read the full article HERE.


Making whiteness visible is like getting a Sixth Sense..

I see white people… “walking around like regular people. They don’t see each other, they only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re…”


And excerpts (in random order) from the follow up, after a flood of defensive comments from upset white readers, telling her she should deal with her ‘issues’ in therapy:

White liberals: An explanation

“I wrote the original piece after years of studying race theory, observing race relations in South Africa and negotiating my own path of forgiveness and healing. It is the study of my life, if you will. Because I sincerely believe that we are sitting on a ticking bomb of racial discontent in this country that isn’t going to just go away if we pretend hard enough. It can be seen in the comment thread of any online article in SA and the tenor of debate on race around any dinner table. Shutting me up won’t stop that.”

“The fact is there exists a casual racism, or exaggerated racial awareness, that is systemic to predominantly white social groups. Ask any person of colour within. My article was not some bitter outpourings of my soul, but an attempt to enlighten certain white people to the casual hurt they can unthinkingly inflict — and to reach out to people of colour who have suffered and not understood why.

Studying those theories of race brought me and my classmates so much understanding and freedom. I wanted to share this knowledge with others in my situation and help them. I’ve seen this happen in many one-on-one conversations with people of colour. If this made you uncomfortable as a white person, I’m sorry, but really, your comfort was not the point. And going for therapy and dealing with my “issues” quietly means I am robbing others of an opportunity to learn and grow together. Because this isn’t my issue or my healing. It’s ours.”

“I’m tired of the endless race debates in our country,” bleated several anguished white friends. You wouldn’t say the same thing about global warming. Just because you’re tired of talking about something doesn’t mean we should stop — until a solution has been reached.”

Read the full article HERE.


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