Anger. Daniel Vazsonyi. The Stop Male Violence group in Budapest.

by Milla [she=he]

I wrote a negative reference to Daniel Vazsonyi on Couch Surfing, and the guy was quick to respond. The response is full of Male Chauvinism and I will reply to it directly, in another blog post, plus post the link to the reply in my reference on Daniel’s Couch Surfing profile. As long as the guy continues exposing me to male chauvinistic behaviors, that’s how long I’m going to RESIST it.

This is what is at the moment.

I wrote a letter to the men’s group. I doubt that they even notice the shit that Daniel does. And in their silence towards me I feel they’re giving a massive “Okay” to Daniel and supporting her in her actions. Good work men!


from: milla ahola <>
to: Dániel Vázsonyi <>,
subject: everyday male chauvinism (FEBRUARY 3, 2010)

hello MEN (i have no trust whatsoever in any of you. this is only in
case Daniel is still involved with the group, and you are not charmed
by the guy’s assholic manipulative tendencies)

i posted a reference in relation to a community that both i and Daniel
take part in. it’s called couch surfing.

here’s the reference i posted, followed by Daniel’s reply


Daniel came to Finland to find out more about a political exclusion I
was facing in a social center project in Helsinki. I ended up getting
involved intimately with this guy, which was a highly UNSAFE and
DAMAGING experience. For more information on this guy’s behaviors,
check out a text called Everyday Male Chauvinism

Watch Out! If you want to find out more, you can contact me. ❤ ❤


I was thinking about the overall rating, cause my experiences were
mildly positive and wildly negative… maybe CS ppl should add extra
switches 😛

Milla is a really smart and sensitive woman who can be interesting
company, but definitely unsafe in the long run. She is hardcore
borderline (i hope she really gives up alcohol one day which only
makes it worse) and amazingly obsessive. I caused her harm and she is
not a person who will forget or forgive that ive kinda known even
before we conflicted (her obsession with the Helsinki squatting scene
in which she is right BTW, but thats the issue with her: she can never
let go… her worst enemy is herself)

Im gonna avoid lengthy kitchen psychology so shortly about the
conflict: we cannot even be in the same physical space let alone work
out the issues. So please DO NOT try to reheat the debates. Im looking
to move on (have been trying for half a year now) and if you feel
insecure about me just decline my request
thx for understanding!


I will respond to anything that Daniel posts in the same CHAUVINIST
style on a blog that i have.
Starting with the letter I’ve now sent to this group.

I’m SICK of patriarchal bullshit.



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