Couch Surfing Reference: Maria (negative)

by Milla [she=he]

Me purging myself. Or: Yet another self-therapeutic gust of honesty crossing CyberSpace. My Couch Surfing reference on Maria Morozova (whose mission statement is ‘World Peace’ on her profile page) and whose mission statement about this blog and my writings on it and how I’ve felt about the unjust exclusion happening around and within Morze infoshop in Budapest:

“As I mentioned before – this is my mere opinion – a pretty weird point
of view. I have an impression that all what is written there comes
from a sick mind of a person with some mental problems and weird
perception/interpretation of the world. I would not call this lie, but
some things there are totally distorted and biased. Not a very
trustworthy source. But – everyone is a unique person and has a right
for an opinion, even if this opinion is insulting.”

This is the same woman who has refused discussion. Everybody has a right to their opinion, but her authority and mental illness declarations can not be discussed.

Here’s my comment followed by Petya (who just can’t see sexism anywhere and therefore ignores to talk it over). In Petya’s mind things are just fine.


10 Responses

  1. 1. that is a lie. we had a discussion.
    2. stop masturbating online. enough. go and have some real sex instead of online self-satisfaction.

  2. by Milla

    to “na”:

    1. What was the conclusion of the discussion that we had?
    2. Being bullied doesn’t equal sexual satisfaction to me. In fact it causes a lot of self-hatred, and insecurities, and feeling unsafe with people in general. Saying openly that Maria did something wrong and that she can’t admit it, and that she won’t talk with me about it (Will she?)

    Saying these things openly is not about “masturbation” to me. It’s about self-worth. And basic human rights. It’s an issue about the community and how it’s dysfunctional and exclusionary and inhumane.

    Besides. Telling a woman that she’s unhappy, because she hasn’t had any sex and that she should get laid is a *really* sexist thing to do. Dismissing her complaints in this way is hardcore sexism.

    Please take me seriously.

  3. 1. the conclusion was: you leave Maria alone
    2. do not make a victim of yourself. is breach of privacy of others your human right too?
    last: it does not matter whether you are a female or a male. sex helps. read Freud.

  4. by Milla

    hello na

    1, Morze Infoshop has been receiving some harsh criticism. The only response in dealing with that is to: “Leave Maria alone”? Why?

    Why is a political discussion on topics like security, privacy, bullying, sexism, exclusion not of interest inside Morze? Why is it not of interest to Maria?

    2. I disagree with you that “sex” is the solution to all the injustices and oppressions of the world. I disagree with you that the harm done by Maria can be resolved by me having sex, or you having sex or anybody having sex. (It doesn’t make sense!!)

    And I did not “make” a victim of myself. Maria did. And Maxigas, Vlanto, Hajni and all the other silent bystanders around that over protective elite ‘in-group’ clique. Ignorance of the harms you caused was what victimized me, and what continues to victimize me. Maria started an exclusion because i criticized an unjust and unfair action done by Maxigas and Vlanto. I was not allowed to confront or to criticize them – and then the whole thing just turned into a huge crushing Bully-Ball rolling along. I can speak of CONCRETE acts. Of CONCRETE moments WORDS. And I would like to have the opportunity to do that without being told that the “issues already been discussed” and that i just need to “get laid”.

    Your way of (not) dealing with this is highly offensive. It’s highly unfair.

  5. this is obsession.

    • by Milla

      Hello Pozorovani,

      I’ve said openly that your way of commenting creates an oppressive atmosphere for me on this blog, and i’m adding now to make it clear: I would like to talk with you about this.

      How could you make this possible?

      Or at least: What is your purpose of reading and commenting on this blog?

      (You come across as hateful.)

  6. I would agree with the assessment. You appear to be mentally ill. Your profile makes me wonder what sort of abuse you went through as a child.

    • Hello Gabriel,

      I hear that you are curios to hear more about my life, and I’m curios about your way of thinking/acting/speaking.

      Would you be interested in having a talk with me on skype? I would want to have it recorded and post it on this blog. How would you feel about that?

      – milla

  7. Milla, I do not know you, nor do I wish that much after what I have read here.

    Why the heck do you wash your dirty linen here in public, and not on CS? Why do you post smb’s private data online?

    Are you vindictive? Go, dress clean, meditate and pray to God, girl.

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