Couch Surfing Reference: Hajni (negative)

by Milla [she=he]

I’m like the happiest child ever. It’s Anti-Bully-Day! The lovely possibility of being absolutely honest on Couch Surfing, giving people references — Positive, Negative, Neutral — Yey!

Today I made yet another reference, based on negative experiences. Hajni from Budapest:

Read the blog post with her letters >> Here.

And at the end of this post: a picture of the handmade bag I got from one of the women I had previously tried to contact on Hajni’s fucked up behavior (well, Hajni and the other bullies). When writing an email to this woman her response was dismissive and ended with her not responding. When I came on a surprise visit to the place where Hajni lives, while she was away, me and this woman had a fairly sensible talk where she also told me that Hajni had been lying about me posting the address of her apartment on this blog. The woman said that it would make sense talking about these things at some point.

But. I assume she will never make it happen.

Later I borrowed a bag from the place, and was told I could keep it, the bag was made for another person who didn’t want it. When people ask me about the bag I call it the “Lohdutus” bag. Lohdutus is Finnish and means something like comforting someone when they’re feeling sad. Like a comfort prize. I feel I ended up with a bag instead of a political discussion. A bag instead of justice. Maybe writing about it will make it easier to let it go. To see the bag as just a bag. And Hajni and the rest of the Budapest, Morze Infoshop “& Co” as just a bunch of non-accountable bullies. They live their lives, everyday with new experiences, while I still go through days of hurt and anger and sadness. The bullies don’t care about the harm they cause. Bullies never look back.

Fuck them. Just fuck them. One day I will forget. And it won’t feel so miserable knowing that they don’t care. These people wake up everyday with blood on their hands and they don’t even notice. — Fuck them.

Hajni was wrong. I didn't get banned. I ended up with a bag!


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