Nikki Craft siding with sexist (White Supremacy, Patriarchy, Radical Feminism)

by Milla [she=he]

For some time now there has been a ridiculous amount of bullying and defensive (wait — stop — reality check: OFFENSIVE !!) behavior coming from the radical feminist known as Nikki Craft. It seems as if women who’ve made a “Name” (Reputation. Status!) for themselves have a right to be as mean and nasty as they wish to their underlings [anonymous “nobodies”] in the radical feminist hierarchy.

Tonight I made myself happy by taking screenshots of and: Documenting a hate site she has up on the internet towards anyone daring to question her authority. Frankly: Some of the material up there is repulsive proof of supreme intolerance and distortion of facts in favor of saving her precious reputation as an “Untouchable Squeaky-Clean Good Guy”. It’s not a pretty site. It’s the site of a public meltdown. Hopefully there are more people around her Person, not only caring to lick some status ass, but as well persons willing to help her pick up and sort out the pieces once the lashings out subsides (If Ever!)

I’m sick of this feminist Patriarch causing Silent Fear around the dinner table, her mood having the rest of the household tipping on their toes, and anyone foolish enough to tell her mind of the terror ruling this broken home is soon to face the reprimands of the rest of the Family. — Sshh! It’s out in the open, but let’s pretend we’ve swept it all neatly under the carpet.

Well. You missed a spot. And I’m sure as hell ready to pull out all the other dirt pushed under the bulging mat. Here’s some of it; an example of how this feminist sides with sexist men to get back at a woman daring to be up-front with her on her behavior, and having the nerve to Ask her Questions.

A sexist man put my photo with the title “Nazi Lesbians from Outer Space” on the internet. Nikki, who likes to portray herself as a symbol of perfection and purity in faith and action when it comes to Feminism and Anti-racism, chose to side with this man publicly. Here she’s making a nasty display of herself as a stalking bully.

Screenshots of the photo and the comment string, [translation from Finnish in Red]:

>> Here’s a good laugh for everybody [followed by a link to this blog]

>> Keywords: feminism, Hirvitalo, madness, cock, lesbian, Milla Ahola, sexism

[the blog was posted in ‘syyskuu’ september with 7 responses]

[A comment I posted in ‘lokakuu’ october.To get a better understanding of what I’m referring to when I say that the guy is having a problem with sexism. Read TALKING WITH PEKKO – ART&SEXISM, LIFE&ACTING]

Well, what we see here is Nikki Craft, the feminist Patriarch, jumping in support of a man that has no clue whatsoever of that the “Art” the guy is making is Sexism. To end the comment string we have Mies – Man commenting on my picture with a Panisin! – I’d fuck her!

Nikki. I’m pretty sure you’re reading this, so I will address you directly. You seem to be touchy feely about the picture others have of you. After your long drawn out hate campaign which No One can hold you accountable for (at least so it seems! Where’s the possibility for dialogue?)

After all this Open Sexism. Open Racism. Refusal of Fair! dialogue. You deserve this:

Pekko Rinkinen - the sexist Artist posting my picture on the internet, and Nikki Craft - the feminist Patriarch commenting on the photo. Joined together in their fear of unruly feminists.

Well, well Nikki. What will you post on your hate pages today? Not done with the lashing yet?


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