Sexism, Feminism (Politics in general)

by Cunt Incognita (Fisse in Copenhagen)

Riikka. Member of the in-group. Would you care to answer some questions?

Riikka Kaihovaara is a member of the in-group in the teeny-weeny Finnish scene. This means she doesn’t care about right and wrong. It’s all about being “in” or not. If you are a member of the in-group you get the power to decide who belongs. Riikka has this power, and she knows how to use it.

In the conflict regarding the sexist exclusion of myself – a radical feminist – from the social centre project in Helsinki (meaning: a mailing list and the physical space), Aleksi Lilleberg – an ex lover of Riikka – who had denied the existence of sexism on the list, and instead labeled it as “bad behavior” and myself as a person with a “lack of proportions” and “mental problems”, and with this argumentation kicked me out from the list as a trouble maker.

The decision was made by Aleksi single-handedly, without any previous discussion within the community [apart from some aggressive males shouting “ban her!”] or with me having an opportunity to explain myself. After I had been deleted from the mailing list, Riikka did a follow up, where she supported Aleksi’s decision. She wrote a mail to the list where she openly declared that this had nothing to do with “sexism, feminism or politics whatsoever” but that this was all about me having grave “mental problems” and that I was in need of “professional help”, and that the “scene” wouldn’t have the “resources” [political will] to provide with this care.

Once again. Her intention was not to bring her point of view into discussion with the “mentally ill” person, but a “private” “caring” letter to the community, in support of Aleksi’s [messed up, dictatorial] action, encouraging the people in the project to treat me as a sick person, that should be kept far away from the project.

I choose to publish the email exchange we had after this, since there’s been some talk about this coming up on the forum.

CLICK HERE to read the letter she sent, and the following exchange full of projections and excuses and avoidance of the magic word: Accountability.

I will send this blog post to Riikka, and with this make another request for her to take up the discussion on mental illness declarations as a political practice to exclude persons endangering unhealthy power relations within the Finnish scene.

I strongly disagree with you Riikka, when you say that we need not to think about what’s “right” and “wrong” in this. If this was the case, I could just declare you mentally ill back, and say that your practice is sick, and not a part of how this community should function. And I would be able to move around just a freely as you without having to fear physical aggression from the people within the social centre project (!) In this case we would be equal.

But we are not equal. Men like Aleksi have the right to physically aggress upon women within the scene without there being any further actions taken. You yourself can tell tales behind someone’s back and have me excluded from places like the social centre as well as an “anarchist” mailing list. This has a lot to do with sexism, feminism and politics of power. This is a case of right and wrong.

And in this case, you happen to be wrong. Very wrong. And we should talk about it.

Let’s? Write a comment to this blog post if you feel you’re ready to back your words up with a political dialogue.

It’s been a year and a half since you said you wanted to take a break and think this through. I hope you’ve had enough time to figure out where you stand in this. (I know I’ve had to face your mental illness declaration several times during this period, so I have had plenty of time to figure out how I feel about that.)


We need to talk!


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