Talking with Pekko (Art&Sexism – Life&Acting)

by Cunt Incognita (Pica in Prague) [she=he]


From Facebook, Web-community.

Today’s song: My Art by Le Tigre.

I’ve been having many discussions going on at the same time. Trying to understand Dani’s sexism and how she and I and others relate to it, and how it affects our interaction with one another (Power relations on a personal level – hurting like hell). Also starting discussions on the forum on Power and Exclusion within the scene in Finland. As well as age old topics such as: Prostitution [or heterosexual power relations at its core] (which can feel a bit frightening as well, since it’s a discussion with Pre Kaarina and I never know where these talks/conflicts end up – but not giving up the discussion for the fear of losing a newly found friend. As Audre Lorde put it “Your silence will not protect you”..)

Apart from these (few examples) then there’s also been a talk on Art and Sexist Expression with a man called Pekko. I talked about her presenting a zine with material bashing gay men (Miesjuna tuut tuut – Male train beep beep) and the removal of that from Hirvitalo after some complaints from persons visiting the space during Ladyfest. She didn’t like the removal of her speech, and made a picture in response to this, with pornographic photos glued to a paper with text bashing feminists and lesbians. This picture was also removed from the house, and Pekko feels exposed to censorship.

Click here to see the picture that was removed.

I mentioned the work of Pekko at a presentation I made on sexism within alternative spaces, at Hirvitalo this September. When Pekko heard of this she contacted me over Facebook, and asked me for more information about it. I sent her a link to “What to do?” where there’s some sort of description of what was discussed. She didn’t like that I called the material she made, sexist and gay bashing and responded by making a post on her blog called “Nazi Lesbians from Outer Space” with my picture under the title plus a sentence encouraging everybody to get a “good laugh” and then a link to the “What to do?” page.

Click here to see the “What to do?” page.

Click here to see the “Nazi Lesbians from Outer Space” blog post.

Here’s the discussion that followed on Facebook. (To be continued..?)




2 Responses

  1. What do you really want from me? What do you mean take accountability? What should I do? I have talked to you and tried to explain my actions to you. I let you write your opposing opinions to my facebook-wall and put in my blog a link to your blog, for people to see what you think of my work. Do you want me to change my mind.
    I think that you want to label people as feminists(good) and sexists(bad) and if I say something critical about feminism, it’s a hate speech against all the good thins in world. If you think all the things that are talked about feminism it includes you, do you also accept all the things that are said by people calling themselves feminists. What if I started calling myself a feminist, would all the people who disagree with me then be sexists.
    Why I’m saying different things about my artwork is, that I think art is not necessarily supposed to be interpret in a simple way. I think it’s about the way people view art in general. Should art be simple or should it be able to provoke sometimes.
    I don’t mind that you view it your way. I just don’t like that you say your way is the only way to see it. That’s why I called you a nazi. And it was also a bit of a joke. I knew you wouldn’t get it. 🙂 But point was that there are many good movements and philosophies and ideas, but I think as soon as they want other people to think their way and conform in to their way of thinking ideas corrupt.
    Isn’t it better for all that i can say and do what I want and you can whine i bout it in your blog or something. And you also can do what you want.

  2. […] [A comment I posted in 'lokakuu' october.To get a better understanding of what I'm referring to when I say that the guy is having a problem with sexism. Read TALKING WITH PEKKO – ART&SEXISM, LIFE&ACTING] […]

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