Satama – the full picture

by Milla


Photos of [anti]Social Center Satama. From the Punk In Finland forum.

So. As I understand the whole “closing down the house”-story… It’s supposed to go something like this: Some people being tired of and wanting to get rid of some other people.

Some people had a meeting and made a decision about closing down the place in hopes of some other people not wanting to come to the place any more. Some other people got to hear about the house getting closed for a “cleaning break” and also got to know that they were the ones who were supposed to be cleaned out.

So. Some people trashed the place. And there was a writing outside saying: “Good luck cleaning”.

Maybe at some point it would be good for people feeling for “the house” to also start caring for the people in it. This way we wouldn’t end up with such a mess time and time again.

Wanted: Communication and inclusion. Focus on community instead of protective walls.



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  1. […] way they relate to one another, and not, as in the case with Helsinki social center project and its House meetings, where people are more seen as tools in service of the walls that surround them, and in many cases […]

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