Satama S.O.S-centre

by Milla

... _ _ _ ... iaalikeskus Satama

... _ _ _ ... iaalikeskus Satama

[ a n t i ] Social centre Satama in Helsinki is currently closed. Apparently to clean up some of the mess there. Male hang-arounds have been waving frying pans around, and drawing swastikas on the walls — no we’re not talking about the ones labeled “fascists” this is done by — “us”.

The decision to close the place was also done by — “us”. A friend stumbled upon an unannounced meeting in the house. A shame-faced Micke Brunila admitted that it was a “pre-meeting” for the house meeting, “cause the house meetings take so long”…

Yes. It goes a bit quicker when “we” (not the “fascists”) can present the ready made decisions for the audience attending the democratic house meetings.

I remember watching a short film-interview where [then labeled social critic and squatter] Brunila was talking passionately about not understanding the idea of private property, red-cheeked asking herself how it can be possible to keep buildings closed and empty when there are people in need of the space.

— Yes. Why?


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