Obsessions (Morze Infoshop & Company)

by Cunt Incognita (Fotze in Hamburg)

Below an email i passed on to one of the Morze infoshop mailing lists i’m not excluded from, checking if there’s interest in working on consensus within this group / network.

The letter is an open invitation to anybody who happens to read this who happens to have some interest. Not just a statement made on the Morze list. Get in touch if you’d like to meet.

Morze Infoshop & Company. Other scenes are possible? Or is it always the same directors running the show?

Morze Infoshop & Company. Other scenes are possible? Or is it always the same directors running the show?

Hello everybody,

I’m working on making a fun, simple & * p r a c t i c a l * workshop on

—- Consensus culture &
—- decision making

[could be useful for all those confusing and chaotic and/or hierarchic
gatherings going on around Europe. there’s nothing more satisfying
than putting theory into practice.. :)]

if there’s anyone(s) in Hamburg who would be interested in
participating in the development of this thing, please get in touch
(asap – as soon as possible – I’ll be around for a week, got here July
14 – it would be nice to try the workshop out in a group, but meeting
individuals is also fine. [I will be in Romania and Hungary as well
July – August, so if there’s someone from there [or somewhere in
between] who would be interested in this, please be in touch. Anyone
in the Baltics?]

Or, otherwise, if you’re sick of sexism and the general frustrating
not-talked-about domination within the (or any) scene, or for whatever
other reason would like to connect – write me a line through email

Email: milla.ahola (at) gmail.com

sorry for the short notice (if anybody’s interested in this..) and
take care
❤ milla

WORKSHOP: Consensus culture & decision making

How to deal with dictatorship in so called “flat structured /
anarchist / leaderless horizontal” groups?

Consensus means to agree, to compromise until everybody can agree on
something. It’s a method to practice direct democracy. It doesn’t mean
that everybody should be of the same opinion. It simply means that
it’s possible to agree on a decision that everybody can accept.

Practical workshop.

More about me here:

And here:


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