Daniel – What is love?

by Milla

Posted on Daniel’s facebook wall today:

Hmm. I had a talk with (a) yesterday. A poly who starts a relation without saying that they’re poly..? Is not very poly to me. Sounds more like heterosexual monogamic patterns to me… Not very radical, or breaking with societal norms. (Confuse and destroy – is that the method you use?)And she was also saying that you don’t understand the violence you use. If you are cool you should talk this text through with her, before you mess anymore with her mind.

*That* would be love. Not making empty promises about being the “only one” and that way create competition between loves. Creating the illusion of being “special”. Make her feel special by being honest with her. (It’s really scary that you don’t recognize your own abusive and violent behavior).


3 Responses

  1. a blog not about the autonomous left, but about you and me… sad…

    • by Milla

      hence the lacking intimate relation between us… since when did social relations become un-political? since when did men’s abuse and use of women become something apart from the scene?

      this is where our politics differ. and the answer to why i’m banned from certain parts of the scene. discussion topic taboo.

      i’ve reached the core of oppression. love. (hush hush)

      yes. sad that we can’t love each other. but glad that the topic is getting discussed in a serious manner. it’s needed.

      “love, love, love – it’s easy! – all you need is love”.

    • hello.. when we met in budapest you said that this comment was probably “sarcastic” when i was pointing out that intimate love relations are important to talk about. and i was saying that you had made this fairly ignorant comment: saying that it was ‘sad’ that there had been a lot of blog posts about you-me.

      so saying a sarcastic “sad” means “happy happy joy joy”?

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