You said you would do it if (a) or (k) would be up to it

by Milla

Hello Daniel,

this is what you said on the forum:

“wow… im so clear i want nothing to do with you in an intimate way… the last days were just so terrific… being able to breathe again… this conflict not taking up the energy it was before… not “living” with it at the moment as you put it…”

i would like for you to dig into whatever care for other human beings you might find in your heart, and grant me the same thing. let me be able to breathe freely again.

get the meeting arranged in tampere, where we can work out limits and i have an opportunity to open up to you as a feminist, woman, someone you’ve been intimate with.

it won’t kill you. but you could avoid a lot of harm in your other relations. you can also choose to meet up and not take in what i say. but at least a moment when we are face to face with each other and acknowledge that there was a past, no matter how different our interpretations of it is.

(k) said she would be okay with a meeting.



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