Talking to myself in public

by Milla

I'm going rightly mad.

I'm going rightly mad.

This is a bad quality video with an angry feminist.

Here I am. Talking by myself in public. Was going for a walk and doing the boring documentation of the abusive situation at Sosiaalikeskus Satama when I and another person went there to try to get a word in at the house meeting about closed decision making processes, and sexist exclusion June 14. While I was at it I got to say some things about the frustration I feel over the lousy communication going on with (d) at the moment.

It’s just been too much and overwhelming and crushing, and there I go again: Talking by myself in public. Kind of crazy? Not to me. Feels like a sane thing to do.

[A note on the video. “Vittu” means ‘cunt’ and is the most commonly used cuss word in Finland.]

If anybody happens to know some really good video editing tools – easy to use – either online or something that could be downloaded (ubuntu 9.04): both for free. Write a comment or join the forum and let me know what you know


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  1. VirtualDub is for linux aswell i think…

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