Dumpster power

posted by Daniel

I spent the last 24 hours devising plans to get the live as freely as possible idea out in the open. I am talking about the basic material conditions at the moment. We had great dumpstering operations by a dozen people visiting markets and collecting food for redistribution and cooking. Salad, zucchini, eggplant, celery, carrot, paprika, raddish, orange, apple, lemon, cabbage, turnip, broccoli, cauliflower, joghurt, kefir, burrito sauce, asparagus, cherry, strawberry to name just a few… i also spent the last 24 hours with cooking… 5 meals: 1. sour cabbage soup with carrots and brussel sprouts with a lot of curry and african spice mixes 2. broccoli, cabbage, carrot, paprika, onion, zucchini, eggplant, mushroom mix with curry rice 3. layed down eggplant with paprika slices 4. cucumber, zucchini salad with vinegar and burrito sauce 5. banana, chocolate pudding with cherries and apples… for approximately 15 people…

Hope to spread the message to bring fresh blood into our circulation both in the sense of infrastructure and participants. Mix up the still waters of the scene a little. We have this community kitchen since last week. Also a basement for storage. Still have to fix up the place, but at least it is there now. The idea with it is to visit groups personally, go to meetings – cause people just do not take the effort to reply to mails or anything – and say that you could have your own time and space for your issues, we can distribute your materials and give you infrastructure and everything. Let us collaborate. Lets make an inviting place together. First step NGO, green, feminist, whatever people. Second step libraries, buses, the street, general stores, markets, schools. Food concerns everybody. Especially free food. It is a medium to reach people aswell as sustainance. Example: poor gypsy people in our neighborhood can get food, but if they came to the kitchen to participate then they might meet “the feminists” and there were ideas for self-defence workshops for roma women. Lets try…

dumpstered package of love

dumpstered package of love


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  1. by Milla

    I would like to meet “the feminists”. Where are they? (Who?)

  2. by Milla

    “Let’s try…”

    sending out a warning.

    this guy is harmful for the community. has been having working relations with two men who have been engaging in contacting women with small children. offering a common space for activities as well as “free love”, meaning that these men have sexually and other coercive behaviors.

    they are not in contact with these women anymore but what happened was that they did things like lifting the bathroom door off. also telling one woman that she should take her clothes off (she left). also putting emotional pressure on women to share their love “equally” and that they were “oppressive” if they chose to engage physically with one person but do not feel a connection with the other man.

    these men have been talking very open on how they think it’s important that children have sex with one another. and the list goes on…

    Dani was supposed to have a meeting with me end of summer 2009. She refused to meet me in a setting that would feel comfortable (safe!) to me. She refused to talk through the text called Everyday Male Chauvinism. She says that my reality is “distorted”. She refused to talk with ‘a feminist’ (that the guy is welcoming in the text..) and instead chose to involve in a project with the two men described above.

    for more info on Dani:


    in the second link: click and READ the text EVERYDAY MALE CHAUVINISM if you are in contact with this man !!!

    for more info on the community. please have a look at the man who calls herself a feminist and TOTALLY denies that Dani has ANY sexist behavior whatsoever. (plus.. surprise surprise. refuses to have a discussion about this with another feminist)


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