There is a definite problem

by Pre-Kaarina

There is a definite problem of  male aggression and its quiet acceptance. It seems that some males are irritated by female self-assurance and empowerment. This is even so in the Social Center.

Let’s see, if I am Jane Doe, where I can verbalise my anxiety. In the Social Center I know that there are House Meetings. Jane Doe is a regular visitor in the house, so it has to be apparent that she has been told when the house meeting is held and what are the topics, right, RIGHT?!

Oh no, I’m sorry, I’m stupid, it must be announced in the Satama web page. Oops, there is none. How about Social Center discussion forum, where can I join it. There is none. I know there is an email list, everybody talks about it, but where can I join.

It seems that I could shove my opinion up my ass, they couldn’t care less. Actually the web page for the Social Center is as forbidding to discussion as the public web pages of Helsinki City offices and other state bureaucracies in a country that is notorious for the unwillingness of the authorities to debate with their underlings, yes, underlings.

I have been acting my usual way, as if there were no other rules as the house rules, which are not particularly prominently visible in the house anyway and during Ladyfest punk gig, public had no access to the area where the rules were pasted.

I therefore queeried the place to commemorate the international day against homophobia. No-one said a word against it. People are so nice at the Social Center that I wonder that they are being nice just around me.  Usually, people have been rude and nasty at me during my whole life, so this strategy gets me caught by surprize. Don’t mess with the ones that have an intimidating appearance, screw with the defenseless ones..

Rainbow flagRainbow flag

I participated in porn workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it. When cissexual women grow up, porn gives substantial amount of role models, but when a transsexual grows up, the whole language is about porn. Therefore porn is the easiest language for us to communicate, it links drama and costumes with body. It makes me think when and by whom were we made speechless to begin with.

Satama & porn – No, Sir, I won’t!


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