Yakup, could you explain?

by Milla

Hello, Yakup. You wrote on my Facebook wall:

“Yakup Albekoglu hey, hope you found some space for your theatre. if i had known you were coming earlier, id have workjed out some room somehow, but i though youd spoken with somone already. i heard about your ws from henna, but apparently no-one from the upstairs -group was informed. do you have other workshops on the ladyfest week you need space for?”

So, we saw each other briefly at the social centre the other day, when I was looking for a space to have a small workshop on theatre of the oppressed. The house is diy, so I expect it not to be very difficult or that there’s a need to be very formal in finding a place to do whatever comes to mind.

What I would love to recieve from you though, would be an explanation to why you voted to have me banned from the place, with no possibility to discuss the decision during 2 years. Could you give room for this in your life? Considering the decision you made will affect my life for a fair amount of time (counting the one year I tried to get my exclusion discussed in a fair way – it would add up to 3 years all together), I would appreciate a talk on your reasoning behind this, I would like to know what benefits you would see coming out from this, what you think I could learn from this, what others would be able to learn from this decision, etc?

It would be great if you could arrange a discussion space for this at the social centre – going against the decision you made on not talking about it, but maybe you’re not so rigid with rules and laws? – I would also very much appreciate having an open heart to heart talk about this right here, right now, on this blog. (If the building is not open for open discussion.)

I would feel safer having this talk in public, because a lot of things that I have lived in relation to the conflict have been going on in private, and a lot of the attitudes expressed have been abusive, shaming and blaming, and are really difficult to deal with away from the public eye.

I assume you would have no problems discussing this in public, since a two year ban – with no chance to discuss it, is a pretty serious decision to make, and you would probably have thought this through many times before raising your fingers in the air, voting me out, and also accepting a non-consensual decision (since two persons were against making this decision).

I mean, I really have problems with how this decision was made, and also that I wasn’t given any specific reasons for why this would be beneficial for the social centre, me or anybody else (to not talk about the differences we have in understanding what “sexism” or “oppression” is).

It’s very strange to me that you’re offering to find space for my workshops, when you were telling Daniel – without her even saying one word about it – that she shouldn’t bring the “Milla-topic” up at the house meeting. You stressed this more than once.

So. Why would you tell someone interested in the social centre this? Why should this subject be taboo?

Make a comment on this post, and let’s start a discussion. Please.

Below: A youtube clip with Yakup. In Finnish.


2 Responses

  1. i just wrote a long reply to you, but removed it as noticed youre using my full name on you page.

    id be pleased to continue this discussion, but first i do demand that you remove my name from your website, simply because i dont want any potential employers etc to google this page. you can replace it with my alias if you wish.

    and what does my interview in a movie contest have to do with your ban?

    • by Milla

      hello Yakup,

      it’s good to hear that you are into the idea of explaining yourself and your politics in a public space.

      i don’t see why you wouldn’t want to stand for your opinions in public though, i will consider your demand (did you perhaps mean: “request”?) if you give me a reason for why you wouldn’t want your future employers to see your ideas on inclusion/exclusion and thoughts on sexism?

      what the film has to do with my ban? – well. you’re in it. and you banned me.

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