Racism kills, Sexism kills

Posted by Daniel

In the last weeks there were political murders in Hungary. Again. I will highlight two cases which mirror basic social conflicts in the eastern provinces of Fortress Europe. The first is that another person of gypsy origin was murdered recently for having a darker shade of skin than the usual blend here in Hungary. The tide is so high now that in some rural places gypsys take an oath not to sleep and guard their homes in shifts by campfire. I got too emotional about these things especially since in this country you have to face the hatred day by day… i cant take it and im considered white! Although i was called a gypsy several times in Budapest, cause i have a light tan.

Some info that made the cover of the New York Times:


Hungarian neomarxist philosopher on the issues:


I was at a demonstration held in front of the national police headquarters. 200-300 angry and sad people. Mostly white with liberal/leftist intelligentsia background and some elected gypsy council members, mourners. A woman from the village was stepping onto the stage and shouting „fucking nazi murderers” and accusing the police of assisting to the racist murders. Very emotional, but not far from the truth: in one of the famous cases where a guy and his 4-year-old son where shot in the back while escaping from a burning house (burned by molotov coctails) the police said it was definitely not murder until the local gypsy council members found the empty shotgun shells near the corpses. Then an elected national gypsy minority council leader spoke and called the 800 „cigánysor” (literally „gypsyrow”, slang in hungarian for the slums the hundreds of thousands of really really poor gypsies live in) contemporary concentration camps. Also not far from the truth…

I just sat there and looked into the thin air… 300 people… this is the amount of people who think its not ok to kill someone for the colour of their skin. Exaggeration? Yes. „Far from the truth”? I dont think so. In Hungary you cannot measure hatred against the gypsies with normal sociological survey methods, cause more than 80% of the population would say they dislike gypsies and „we have to assimilate them by force”. Here the only way to do surveys about ethnic hatred is to ask: would you actually do anything violent yourself? This is „normal” here. I call it sick.

The other case: a young woman was stabbed multiple times and then beheaded by a young guy who was a member of the Hungarian Guard, a paramilitary organization founded by Jobbik, the main radical right wing party which will most likely send representatives to the European Parliament and will most likely get into the Hungarian Parliament as the first „new” party since the collapse of state socialism (all current parties in the parliament where there from the first elections held in 1990). The guy covered the corpse in a nazi flag with a swastika and then fled the scene. Later in the evening he went to a police station and confessed saying he did it out of jealousy. The case did not receive much attention it was only reported in some tabloids. Im not trying to make a competition between different forms of oppression. All faces of capitalism are equally sickening to me, but to grasp the seriosity of the question one must add that the silent killing of women under the label of „domestic disturbance” has been going on for quite some time now. Every fifth woman in Hungary is beaten up by a family member (usually the perpetrator is a boyfriend/husband) and every week a woman dies, because of this unchallenged physical violence.

Read more here:


Just recently the Constitutional Court of our Glorious Republic ruled that the so-called „keep away” law – that allows the authorities to remove the abuser from the close vicinity of the abused – is unconstitutional, because it defines the terms „violence” and „relative” too broadely. Anyone who ever read anything about abuse in the family should know that violence is by definition a „broad” term: it encompasses physical violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, intimidation, economic deprivation, stalking and threats of violence. At least. To see more:


It is a „pretty brave” decision to take considering that the Constitutional Court represents a state that values the right of a man to have access to his property more than a womans right to her life. Also anyone who experienced domestic violence (like me as a child) in Hungary knows that when mommy calls the police on daddy, the nice police officer comes and says with a cynical grin: „call me back when there is blood”(!!!). Well… there is blood. Streams of blood. The blood of the oppressed. I want to make it stop.


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  1. by Milla

    “call me back when there’s blood”


    this man means NOTHING with the words above. NOTHING.

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