Does an Anarchist need a role model?

by Pre-Kaarina

I started to think about myself as a possible role model since I am turning 40 and thought whether Anarchists need role models. The conclusion was that Anarchist youth does not really need anyone adult to look up to.  However, what is the youth bombarded with today and did I have any role models growing up and how did that affect my self-esteem.

Pornography. I used to have an innocent view where pornography was in its assigned slot. I am still pro-sex in that way, pornography should be allowed only within certain confines, out of the reach of children and adolescents, after all, it is adult entertainment.  Adults differ from children in a way that we can tell facts from fantasy, at least most of us, at least most of the time.

The weltanschaaung of porn is spreading where it does not belong. Nowadays most of the spam I receive concern viagra pills and penis enlargements. That goes on to show that even males face pressure from pornographic image of  constant hard-ons without any regard to emotional factors, heterosexual males are not supposed to let emotional factors overrule anyhow. When that spam is delivered to women, it also assumes that we are heterosexual or if we are, we care about penis enlargement and hard-ons at will.

Pornographic pressures for women are self-evident, I do not need to elaborate on that. However, there are plenty of valid role-models for heteronormative cissexual youth still, masculine or feminine.

I grew up queer, though. My role-models, if I had any, were without fail from the porn industry. I became a prostitute because the Samis do reindeer husbandry and the Romany do divination, the choice was obvious and omnipresent. I did not even really question it. I must add that I do not see anything bad in my work as a prostitute and I do not feel a victim more than any other laborer.

What interests me is that the image of a queer transgender person was even officially made perverted.   Finland had the laws for sterilization and castration. Why two laws for essentially the same thing? The castration law was designed for sexual offenders and their chemical castration. The idea was naturally to suppress their sexual drive, not their ability to procreate that much. The law of sterilization was out there to suppress procreation, while leaving desire intact. After all, heterosexual desire is regarded as almost holy, while queer desire is regarded through pornography.

With transsexuals the outcome of sex-reassignment procedure is sterility, while there is no need to suppress sex-drive of any transsexual. Which law do you think  was applied to transsexuals. 1969 the last sexual offender was voluntarily castrated, after that everyone that went through the castration board proceedings was transsexual, up until 2002 when the law was repealed by the unanimous decision of the parliament.

Transsexuals were equaled with pedophiles.

No wonder I got to hear in my school from one of my classmates’ parents a libel that went unpunishded that I surely would become a rapist. No doubt the school principal Aune Huotari and the school psychiatrist thought the same way.  During the parliamentary discussions paula Kokkonen raised concerns of transsexual patients being let in the same patient rooms with cissexual women, because she feared the women could be made vulnerable to rape. Still, in overcrowded Finnish hospitals, men and women are sometimes mixed in rooms. That does not raise anyones concerns over women’s safety. Of course not, cissexual heterosexual men are less potential rapists than pornographized queers!

I never became a rapist, I became a prostitute, according to some, prostitution equals being raped.  There was an interview in the Prostitute Support Center where I was asked if my prostitution was my own choice. I said it was. The interviewer was not happy with that answer, but furthered it with an additional one: “What other choices did you have?”, which I replied: “none”.  A wise celebrity has said: “When choices are absent, so is humanity”.

I do not know whether the rulings of the Castration board, hateful slander by Paula Kokkonen and others based on dire pornography or filmographic scum like “Dressed to Kill”, but their ignorance and abuse of authority restricted my growth as a responsible adult. they were verbal rapists and even when disguised as females they do not escape my verdict. I see such people as midgets of the mind. My hate is burning in flames against this country from hell!

So, does a young Anarchist need a role model? Is a 40-year old queer woman good enough to be one. I’ll leave it up to them to decide. Never, ever stop hating Finland.  Am I starting to sound preachy? Well, then it’s time for me to shut up.


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  1. Hi Pre-Kaarina,

    I know you 🙂

    Good and sharp blog.


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