Halla-aho, pseudointellectual for the unintelligent

by Pre-Kaarina

Jussi Halla-aho has became a martyr after being carelessly sued for his blog writings.  The people are rightfully enraged, although his blog is provocative, criminal it is not.  In particular people have been enraged about the fact that blasphemy was the other of the charges. It is double standard  when you can sink a crucifix in urine, but you cannot call Mohammed a pedophile.

When it seems that our political left is toothless in criticizing Halla-aho and arrogant in assuming people’s support for their scheming more commonly known from East Europe under Statist Communism, few people have been courageous enough to analyze Halla-aho.

He uses Latin frequently, giving him a halo as a true intellectual. Intellectuals are usually pretty distant and probably envied by usual Finns. Education is valued especially among the uneducated masses.

His bottom line is that all people are equal, while he describes himself as a representative of white heterosexual males, who, if not a majority, comprize a significant amount of people. Then, “equality” for a minority dominated in white heterosexual male environment means “equality” between predator and predated.  That has always meant the rule of the mob.

For practical questions about much everything Halla-aho is dodging responsibility. This Messiah is not ready to ride an ass to Jerusalem and get himself crucified.

Fantasizing of killing a homosexual that had sexually harassed him in his blog reveals that he has poor judgment for what he writes and anger-control issues. He would be a political disaster, so he steers away from getting his hands dirty in scandals.  I would hate to be in a world where white heterosexual males like him would form any majority.

Dr. Halla-aho would not thrive politically very long unless so allowed by the intellectual vacuum left by the political left and their assinine political courts.


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