Political exclusion 2 – Magyar

by Cunt Incognita (Fotze in Vienna, 216 kilometres from Budapest)

Dancing Woman - Sculpture by Colleen Madamombe click this for more: http://www.zimsculpt.com/artist.php?id=5

Dancing Woman - Sculpture by Colleen Madamombe.

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„Bailando bailando amigos adios, adios el silencio loco” – Paradisio [Bailando lyrics]

“Dancing dancing – friends – bye bye to the mad silence”





This is a transcript [not super super exact] of what was recorded from the attempt to exclude this traveling Cunt from an open infoshop event in Budapest.

More will be posted on what happened during this event later. (I’m a total drunk and exhausted at the moment. Don’t have the energy for it. Feeling kind of “all alone in the world”…)

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Transcript from this:

Budapest Infoshop – Greek Fire

Can be listened to here(mp3) or here(ogg).

[Can also be clicked on and listened to from here. Scroll down to the player with the title “Intro and confusing dispute between (v) and someone from Finland….”]

The audio starts with…

General information about the first public event of Morze infoshop in the new place at T street, plus some practical “no smoking in the facilities” – talk.

Language: English, Hungarian.


(mx) And then there is a second part which is a little bit more difficult, we had a conflict with one person, I mean, me and Vlanto, and Vlanto said that he doesn’t want to do the presentation if this person is here, so, we tried to resolve this conflict, and she proposed that she will go out, and come back after the event, and then in the second part of the event, it will be an opportunity to talk about this conflict, if people would like to discuss it.

[(mx) makes a translation.]


(mx) So we found – I think the rational behind this, was that the conflict shouldn’t be swept under the rug, but we should also have the event, and talk about the topic of the event itself. And I think, eh, this is.. this person is here, I don’t know if you want to give your name…


(me) Ah, okay, so, hi, my name is Milla, and I live in Helsinki in Finland, and I don’t really understand any rational reasons for why I wouldn’t be able to attend this open event and share, like get the same information that you will be getting, but since it was told to me that this person here will refuse to do the presentation if I’m present, at least I wanted to bring some attention to this fact that I’m leaving this room now, because of this, and for me it’s clearly a political issue as well, and I think it’s very common in these kind of environments that we do these kind of things.

[pointing at (mx) and (v)] And I hope that you two, after the event will join,



(mx) I didn’t think about this before, I don’t… I couldn’t say at the moment…


(me) Ah, okay, because for me it is an issue that I still don’t understand, like, why I’m being excluded, and I’m stepping out just because of you saying that you refuse to do it. So I’m…


(person#1) Well, I’m sorry, I will leave also if you leave,


(pa) That’s what I wanted to say: I leave as well, because I don’t…


(person#1) No, no, no. You see, it’s impossible. You know, the whole fucking subject in Greece and all around the world is about exclusion.


(pa) Yes, that…


(person#1) So, social classes, social groups, eh, different sexes, and behaviors, and attitudes, and political, and economical, and legal opinions are excluded. There is no, any legal base to exclude someone. So if you leave, I leave also.


(pa) And I leave also, because I don’t agree with this method that we just exclude somebody because we had a problem…


(person#1) Incredible. Scandal.


(pa) … in the past with her or him, so I, if, I will leave as well.


(mx) Can you make a translation before you leave?


(pa) Okay …

[(pa) makes a translation, and then another person speaks in Hungarian.]


(person#1) Okay, I agree, so don’t, don’t …shouldn’t do it. He…


(mx:tr) Ehm, that eh.. He said that he’s Vidal Victor, and he said that, he mentioned some of the same reasons that you said, ehm, to Vlanto before the event, when we were arguing, and, ehm, he realized that it’s not just about a political point, it is about psychological boundaries, or limit, psychological limits of someone, if he just freaks out, and this is happening, then he thinks that it’s…


(pa) Well, but I can’t accept this argument, because, we’d have to support Vlanto to do … actually to do like this … but, you know, it’s so general to speak about natural boundaries, even in all kinds of techniques of exclusion, that it’s natural that we exclude somebody because we have to be always the same or we just like the politics of sameness, and I don’t like this kind of politics. And that’s why I will leave also.

[(mx) makes a translation. a person says something in Hungarian.]


(mx) Okay, we can have this kind of discussion in the third part…


(me) But still I didn’t get an answer, because the issue that I have is that I still haven’t gotten like, the reasons for why I can’t participate, so I feel that it should be cool if you could attend as well. You didn’t really give a clear answer on that.


(mx) Okay, I will attend.


(me) Spend some time with me after this.


(mx) I said to you several times that I don’t want to meet you. So I don’t feel that, you have like the power to draw me into this, but if you really want to, eh, I can, but as I said, I don’t really want to do it.


(me) Yes, since I’m leaving the room, I would very much like to have you present, because since you’ve said that you’re involved in the, yeah…


(mx:tr) Okay, then I…

[(mx) makes a translation.]


(me) So that’s a yes? Yeah.


(mx) Yes.


(me) And Vlanto?


(v) I don’t answer. I mean, I don’t feel comfortable, and this is my problem, and this is not only, about, this is not about political exclusion or something. It’s that I don’t feel comfortable when somebody, eh, with violence comes here, and know it before, and, to disrupt this meeting, and we have to discuss 20 minutes, eh, about this, about this part. And this is my problem, but, I mean, if you feel that you want to stay, stay, and if you want to share this information – because you used these words – you can stay, but just to the rest of the people, I want to apologize, but maybe it’s a personal psychological whatever issue, but I, yeah, I used to feel nervous, and also I don’t like provocations, and this is another part. But this is all.


(mx:tr) Eh, I didn’t pay attention…

[(d) makes a translation. somebody says something in Hungarian. (d) says something back.]


(me) Okay, so this means that it’s okay if I stay in this space, while you’re doing your presentation?


(v) If you receive it like this,yeah, stay. If you receive it like this. I said the opposite, but yeah, you can stay.


(me) Okay, it wasn’t clear to me. What I was asking…


(v) It’s clear that I don’t like your provocation, and your… the violence that you are using.


(person#2) We don’t care about your personal bullshit, just start this.


(v) Okay.


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